Sydney – 2022 Lexis’s Got Talent show – 16 September 2022

The 2022 Lexis’s Got Talent show provided a lot of Friday Fun on 16 September 2022.

The idea of Head Teacher, Valentina Conessa, students rehearsed and prepared for the two weeks leading up to the event. Their good efforts really shone!

A Lexis Sydney Students Entertains His Classmates And Teachers With Song And Acoustic Guitar
Student Raul Alves Oliveira of Brazil, impressed with beautiful song and guitar playing


A Lexis Sydney Students Sings In The 2022 Student Talent Show
Makarena Pizarro Fuentes of Chile wowed the audience with her voice
A Female And Male Student From Japan Perform An Acoustic Set For The Lexis Sydney Talent Show.
Singer Nene Gonoo with guitar player Kodai Shirai performed a repertoire of songs

The talent show attracted singers, musicians, dancers and visual artists.

A Lexis Sydney Teacher Congratulates A Student On His Pencil Drawings
Teacher Mick interviewed student Diego Gonzalez about his art practice
A Lexis Sydney Student Explains Her Art Practice In A Talent Show
Student Jacinta Hasbun Lattore of Chile showed her digital prints and explained her process

There was applause and rewards for all involved. Students won Lexis branded merchandise as well as vouchers to spend in some of Sydney’s best stores.

Two Female Runners-Up In The Lexis Sydney Talent Show
Makarena and Jacinta pose for their runner-up awards!
Two Male Award Winners In The Lexis Sydney Talent Show
Raul and Diego happy about their runner-up awards!

Winners of the 2022 Lexis’s Got Talent Show: Kodai Shirai (left), guitarist and Nene Godoo (middle), singerBut the best prize of all was the warmth and encouragement of students for their fellow classmates. All of the teachers commented on the fun, supportive and friendly atmosphere. Watch this fab video created by student Tomoya Itoda and see for yourself!

A Large Group Of Students At Lexis Sydney Wave For The Camera
Best wishes from Lexis Sydney!


5 ways to find out about Lexis Sydney activities

Students have five ways to find out about Lexis Sydney activities:

  1. Check the Sign Up! sheet at Reception and scan the QR code to see more activities.
  2. Remember to look at the TV screen in Reception
  3. Scan any of the What’s On posters on the student notice boards. There’s a notice board in the Student Lounge (Level 2) and in every classroom.
  4. Check the Lexis Sydney blog every week. What’s On blogs are posted Thursday or Friday for the week ahead.
  5. Ask your teacher or the staff at Reception.

Lexis Sydney - What'S On Sign Up Sheet At ReceptionLexis Sydney Whats On Poster

How to access photographs taken at activities?

Photographs taken at activities by students and staff often feature on the Lexis Sydney blog. Students can download photographs from there. So, be sure to check the blog each week!




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