Lexis English – News to Spill – 12.01.2024

Recently, our Brisbane campus had a blast hosting an incredibly chill and artsy event: mug painting! A bunch of our eager students gathered together, unleashing their inner Picassos, and jazzing up their own mugs. It was an absolute blast.

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Now, when I say these mugs were unique, I mean UNIQUE! We’re talking a wide array of designs—some were funky abstracts bursting with vibrant colours, others painted intricate flowers or cute critters. Oh, and let’s not forget the breathtaking sceneries! We had students creating night skies with twinkling stars and radiant moons; some even paid homage to Australia with kangaroos hopping around, and beautiful beaches with surfers catching waves.

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The coolest part – Everyone had their own approach. Some folks sketched their designs first, meticulously planning every stroke, while others went full-on freestyle, painting directly onto the mug. Some surfed the web for inspiration, while others let their imaginations soar! As the creative juices flowed, so did the conversations. Students chatting away, exchanging ideas, and getting inspired, all the while vibing to some cruisy tunes playing in the background.

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And the best takeaway? Each student got to take their masterpiece home! Imagine sipping your morning brew from a mug that you designed with love and laughter. It’s like a little slice of this fantastic experience with every sip.

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So, if you missed out this time, fear not! Keep your eyes peeled for our next artsy escapade. Who knows? You might just discover your hidden talent for creating masterpiece mugs or uncover a knack for painting inspired by our beautiful Australia. Stay tuned, keep those brushes ready, and let’s keep the creative vibes flowing! Cheers to more artistic adventures ahead!

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