Lexis Brisbane – Spotlight on IELTS! – 18.09.23

Oleg and His English-Learning Journey!

Here at Lexis Brisbane, we get to meet an abundance of incredible English students from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. Today, we wanted to acknowledge the achievments of one incredibly hardworking IELTS student, Oleg, and share the story of his English-learning journey so far!

Oleg is an electronic engineer from Kazakhstan and arrived in Brisbane in 2022 to study English. He is a proud father and since being in Australia, has gotten a job as a vehicle tecnhical converter. Oleg really enjoys the beautiful, warm weather we have here in Queensland which he says has been a nice change as back home, temperatures can reach -50 degrees!


In 2022, when Oleg began his English studies here at Lexis, he said that his previous English study in Kazakhstan had been very basic and that the “real learning” didn’t begin until he arrived at Lexis. “When I first arrived, my speaking was very slow and it took me time to process information. Now, I am much more confident in speaking and listening”. 

Oleg’s sister also lives here in Brisbane and helped him choose Lexis as his place of study. “My sister helped me choose this school and we found that it had a great reputation.” Despite initially being nervous about his level of English compared to his classmates, Oleg stayed determined and continued to work hard. “When I first arrived I was surprised at the level of my classmates: They were very high! But over time I began to match their speaking speed and felt much more comfortable”. Oleg said that the textbook used in his classes is good and that “the teachers are all warm and friendly”.  He also recalls that his transition to Brisbane was very smooth and he had no complaints, loving the beautiful weather and culture here.

Ultimately, Oleg hopes to immigrate permanently to Australia and beome fullied qualified in engineering here. “It won’t be easy, but now that I have more confidence in my English, I know I can do it!” 

Given his determination and positive attitude, I’m sure that Oleg has experienced many proud moments since coming to Australia. However, Oleg said that his proudest moment overall since making this huge leap has been his university proficiency level being approved. “I have had my university proficiency level confirmed here in Australia, and although I am just waiting for the official documents, I will hopefully be able to work in my field here. A step in that direction has been becoming a vehicle technical converter. It’s not exactly my field, but it’s a step in the right direction”. 

Oleg currrently studies in our morning IELTS class and when asked for advice he would give to another student interested in taking IELTS, he said that consistent study is the key and that “if you study steadily, anyone can get a good band”. The IELTS Preparation course here at Lexis is designed to prepare students for the widely accepted International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, an internationally recognised test of English language proficiency. Lexis Brisbane runs IELTS in both the morning and evening shifts. Students in our IELTS classes take part in weekly mock tests (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and receive extensive feedback from our IELTS trainers. Our IELTS trainers also use these results to design specific lesson plans for their classes. IELTS is accepted by the majority of English speaking academic institutions and, along with Cambridge CAE, it can be used for immigration purposes to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Oleg’s ultimate goal is to immigrate here to Australia and so in taking IELTS, he is taking a huge step in the right direction.

It is truly magical to hear success stories from our brilliant students here at Lexis and we couldn’t be prouder of Oleg and his hard work!

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