Lexis Brisbane – Spooky Putt Putt! – 27.10.23



Spooky Putt Putt at Victoria Park took the traditional game of mini-golf and gave it a spine-tingling twist. The course was home to 18 uniquely designed holes, each one featuring creative and sometimes challenging obstacles. As all the students teed off, they were met with the sight of tombstones, haunted houses, and even a creepy graveyard. It was as if they had stepped into a Halloween-themed adventure.


The holes themselves were as much a part of the fun as the game. From tricky angles to unexpected surprises, everyone had to navigate their way through the eerie course while trying to keep their cool. With every stroke, we were met with laughter, cheers, and friendly taunts, making it a truly memorable experience. While there was no shortage of competition, the friendly spirit of the game prevailed. Laughter echoed through the course as our students playfully challenged each other and shared their successes and missteps.

Working their way through the course, players had to tackle spine-chilling obstacles like eerie tombstones, haunted houses, and even a zombie-infested graveyard. Each hole had its


own tricks and surprises, keeping everyone on their toes. One of the standout features of the evening was the attention to detail in the Halloween decorations. Cobwebs, skeletons, and glowing pumpkins adorned the course, creating a spooky atmosphere that transported everyone into a different world. The sound of eerie music and the occasional cackling witch in the background was awesome!

Beyond the competition and the challenges, the afternoon was an opportunity for students to unwind, relax, and have a spooktacular time. The attention to detail in the Halloween decorations created an immersive experience, where cobwebs, skeletons, and glowing pumpkins were just as important as sinking that perfect putt.

The golden afternoon sun bathed the park in a warm glow and it was a wonderful way to end the day.

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