Lexis Brisbane – New Starters – 08.04.2024

To all our new students joining us this week, a warm and enthusiastic welcome awaits you at Lexis English Brisbane! We are thrilled to have Miho, Honoka, Kanon, Momoka, Izumi, Hisashi, Yutaro, Rika, Reika, Kiyu, Taku, Rina, and Chihiro from Japan, Aaliyah and Tina from Switzerland, Arslan from Turkey, Jirawat from Thailand, and Chaehyun and Hojin from South Korea.  You are all here from different corners of the world, choosing Brisbane as your home for your English learning journey!

New Starters 8.4.24

Each of you brings a unique background, level of proficiency, and set of experiences in learning English. What unites you all is your drive and determination to master this language and make the most out of your time here in Australia. As fellow travellers to this vibrant city and eager learners at Lexis, you are embarking on an exciting adventure filled with cultural exchange and language enrichment.

At Lexis English Brisbane, our English Only policy creates an immersive environment where you have maximum exposure to the language. This approach accelerates your progress and ensures that every day is a step closer to achieving your language goals. Interacting with peers from diverse cultures not only enhances your language skills but also broadens your global perspective.

Our dedicated teachers and staff are here to support you every step of the way. Their passion for education and commitment to your success will inspire and empower you throughout your journey with us. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your English skills further, we have tailored programs and resources to meet your needs.

Student Spotlight: Meet Rina and Reika!

Rina And Reika

Rina is from Japan and has been studying English since she began primary school.  She also studied Chinese at University!  She loves learning English and is really excited to begin her journey here at Lexis.

Rina chose Australia for her studies as she heard that it was a friendly country with a multicultural background.  She loves meeting people of different cultures, and she chose Brisbane as she heard it was a convenient city with lots of nature to explore!

Reika is also from Japan and has been studying English since early primary school.  She used to take extra lessons once a week at a specialised language school in Japan.  She loves English and is thrilled to finally be here on this exciting adventure.

Reika also heard about how kind and friendly Australia is and she was told Brisbane City was an easy city to travel in as it is similar to Japanese cities.  She also loves nature and is really excited about getting up close and personal with the Australian wildlife while she’s here.

We can’t wait to witness your growth and achievements during your time here. Together, let’s make your experience at Lexis English Brisbane unforgettable and rewarding. Welcome aboard, and let’s embark on this incredible learning adventure together!

Not Studying Yet? Would like to?

We have a lot of fun here at Lexis Brisbane and we would love to have you join us.

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