Lexis Brisbane – Graduation – 27 May 2022

The Lexis Brisbane campus was sad to say goodbye to some of our wonderful students this week.  Ellie, Julie, Jose, Yuki and Demi were described as hardworking and positive students who focused on improving their English skills. Your teachers and classmates will miss having your happy, smiling faces in their classes. Everyone at Lexis English Brisbane can’t wait to see what you all achieve in the future. We all hope to see you again soon!


Here are some happy snaps of our graduates with their classes.

Students Sitting On A Couch With One Student Lying On The Laps Of Their Friends. They Are All Pointing To The Plant That The Teacher In Holding And Smiling.

Students Closely Sitting Together With Their Teacher In The Middle.

Two Lines Of Students, One Sitting And One Standing. The Students In The Centre Are Holding Certificates

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