Lexis Brisbane – Graduating Students – 28.03.2024

As another week draws to a close, we find ourselves bidding farewell to a remarkable group of individuals – Kotone, Lola, Kazuyuki, Koharu, Chiara, Jeremie, Esther, Maare, Masahiro, Klara, Lauriane, Romain, Chiara, Sabrina, Anri, Akari, Esther Priska, Chiharu, Minha, In Hwan, Leonie, and Yura. It’s with a mix of pride and a hint of sadness that we send them off on their next adventures.

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Lauriane from Intermediate

Whatsapp Image 2024 03 28 At 14.56.03 D9Afc09E

Esther and Lola from Elementary

Throughout their time here at Lexis, these students have left an indelible mark with their unwavering determination and hard work. Their dedication to their studies has yielded remarkable results, but it’s their contribution to our close-knit Lexis family that truly stands out. They’ve not only achieved academically but have also enriched our campus with their unique personalities and perspectives.

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Chiara, Hiro, and Anri from Upper Intermediate

As they embark on new journeys, we want to congratulate each and every one of them on their achievements. Lifelong friendships have been forged, and memories made that will last a lifetime. While it’s bittersweet to say goodbye, we’re excited to see where their paths lead them.

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Yura, Koharu, and Akari from Intermediate

To our graduating students, remember to keep us updated on your adventures. Your Lexis family will always be here cheering you on every step of the way. Best of luck, and may success follow you wherever you go.

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Romain and Chiara from Advanced

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