Lexis Brisbane – Graduating Students – 05.04.2024

As another week draws to a close, it’s time to bid farewell to our graduating students, Ana, Jargalytuya, Kubra, Anita, Kyota, Nathakan, Shih-Pi, Fjolla, Tina, Andreas, Axelle, Julia, Kilyan, and Chaehyeon, who have not only excelled in their studies but have also enriched our community with their vibrant energy and passion for learning.

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Tina from Upper-Intermediate

To our remarkable graduates, we want to express our heartfelt congratulations on your achievements during your time here. You have truly gone above and beyond, embracing every opportunity to improve your English skills and immerse yourselves in the cultural experiences Brisbane has to offer.

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Earth, Axelle, and Tuya from Intermediate

From diving headfirst into student activities to exploring the breathtaking sights of our city, you have made the most of your time with us. But more than that, you have forged lasting friendships that will transcend borders and endure for years to come.

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Betty from Intermediate

At Lexis, we take immense pride in being a part of your English language journey. Whether through our general courses or our specialised IELTS and Cambridge programs, our commitment to providing the highest quality education remains unwavering. Our dedicated teachers have guided you every step of the way, nurturing your language skills and fostering a supportive learning environment.

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Kubra, Fjolla, and Kyota from Advanced

As you embark on the next chapter of your lives, remember that the skills and experiences you have gained here will serve as invaluable assets. We have no doubt that you will continue to achieve greatness in all your future endeavours.

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Anita and Ana from Upper-Intermediate

Student Spotlight:  Goodbye Kilyan!

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We say a very fond farewell to our lovely student Kilyan, who graduated Intermediate today.

Kilyan thought his teachers were a lot of fun and he loved how they went beyond just focusing on the set curriculum, creating a holistic educational experience for the students.

Making and spending time with all his new friends was his highlight, and he also really enjoyed travelling up to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and down to the Gold Coast as well.

Kilyan loved his time here at Lexis Brisbane.  He is now on his way back to Switzerland, where he’ll look for work and plan his next adventure!

All the best Kilyan!

To our graduating students, we say farewell with a sense of pride. The world awaits your talents and contributions, and we are excited to see the amazing things you will accomplish. Best of luck on your next adventures, and always remember that the Lexis family is here cheering you on every step of the way.

Congratulations once again!

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