Lexis Brisbane – Crafting Dreams! – 10.01.2024

Crafting Dreams: Vision Boards for the year ahead!

Our Brisbane students recently engaged in a craft activity that promised to set the tone for their ambitions in 2024: the creation of vision boards to represent their dreams and ambitions for the year ahead.

They sketched, they wrote, they pasted, and they created, each element carefully chosen to encapsulate their hopes and aspirations for the year ahead.

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Some students were drawn to images of exotic destinations, dreaming of travel adventures. Other themes going around the table included health and wellness and ways to create balance in their lives, connections and friendships, and inspiration for their exciting English learning journeys.

The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and shared dreams. Students engaged in heartfelt conversations, sharing their aspirations, hopes, and dreams for the upcoming year. The experience was not only enjoyable but also deeply meaningful.

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As the activity drew to a close, students walked away with their personalised vision boards, intending to place them prominently in their living spaces. These boards will serve as daily reminders, fuelling their determination to achieve their goals and dreams throughout 2024.

The craft activity was more than just an artistic endeavour; it was a powerful tool for self-reflection and goal-setting. It encapsulated the spirit of growth, determination, and community that defines our ESL learning environment—a shared journey toward achieving aspirations and embracing the future with enthusiasm!

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Why not engage in your own Vision Board activity to help motivate and inspire you for 2024?

Materials you will need:

-Cardboard or paper, scissors, glue, stickers or other craft supplies, pens or pencils, and an array of magazines, pictures or posters.

Steps –

1 – Think about what you want to achieve for the year ahead.

2 – Search through your materials and find inspiring and creative images and words that reflect your goals and aspirations.

3 – Cut out the images and words and arrange them onto your cardboard or paper sheet.

4 – Glue the materials in place.

5 – Decorate the remaining spaces using pens and other craft materials.

6 – Place your vision board in home where you can see it each day as inspiration for everything you want to achieve in the exciting year ahead!

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