Lexis Brisbane – A Big Welcome to Our New Students This Week! – 3.07.23

7.07 Ne Starters

Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!

This week is a super exciting and busy one here at Lexis Brisbane as we welcome a particularly large group of new students to our Brisbane campus!

We offer a warm welcome to Che-Wei, Ting-Chen, Chen-Tse, Chen-Yu, and Meng-Hsuan from Taiwan. From Japan, we welcome Kohta, Meri, Kyoka, Yuko, and Minako, and from Colombia, Yolanda and Sara. Guillaume and Pauline join us from Belgium, and Marie and Lisa join us from France. We welcome Oscar from Spain, Timon from Switzerland, and Shu-Ki from Hong Kong. Last but not least, we gave a warm welcome to Yubin from South Korea. We also welcomed 45 Dubai high-school students joining the Lexis Brisbane family and we are so excited to see everybody enjoy their learning experience and have fun!

Ne Stersss

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