Ken is back in Japan, but his adventure continues.

Ken Octopus

To everyone especially my classmate.
I promised I would send a message about Deserted Island in Japan.

I went to Deserted Island between 15th and 17th of August.

There were no machines.  The light was the Sun not a lamp, fire was from wood not gas and my food was from nature not from  a supermarket.

The day went something like this: wake up, hunt something to eat, eat, take a nap, hunt something to eat, eat, drink alcohol, go to bed (in my tent)…

It was a really simple life, so I could feel that I was alive. Also the natural seafood was amazing!! Please see my photo.
I was wild man, wasn’t I? HAHAHA

From 2 September, I’m going to a big mountain in Japan which is called “Sword Mountain”.
It’s really dangerous, also really exciting!!

Anyway I’m continuing my adventure.  I think it will never ended until I die, because my motto is “no emotion – no life”.

I feel that Australian life was like a dream, but it was real. Sometimes I look my Australian photos to remember my yime at GV Caloundra.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
Good Luck in our life! Thanks for my friends.

KEN (former student of Patty’s Intermediate Class) 


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