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How important is it to attend the Lexis Job WorkShop?

At the moment there are many jobs and opportunities in Australia for anyone to apply for. However, how do you find the right job for you? Better yet, how do you know if a job that you are applying for is a good fit?

That’s where the Lexis WorkShop comes in. Our staff have worked in many different fields before finding their passion for language teaching. They have countless hours of experience navigating the job workforce and know the ins and outs of getting a perfect job.

One of the most fundamental attributes of getting a job in Australia is the resume that you provide. It is imperative that this resume is written to a specific standard and has all of the relevant information on it to sell yourself as a viable employee. Many people make the mistake of copying a template online and sending it to possible employers without anyone checking for grammar or vocabulary errors. This is why the job workshop is vitally important. The teachers will check your resume to make sure it is up to industry standard and give you advice on how to improve the formatting and wording to ensure that your piece of paper really stands out above the rest.

Another task you may be required to do is write a cover letter. This letter is just as important as the resume as it details who you are as an individual and showcases any relevant work experience that an employer would value. Writing this in a particular way is important to ensure that, it not only matches your resume but will appeal to the person you are giving it to.

Once you have both documents and you have found a job, it is now time to go for an interview. But have you practised what you are going to say? Interview questions and responses are the first chance to see how you interact with people. This is also where the employer will ask specific questions about you and the job. A great time to practise your responses and to learn important expressions is in the job workshop on a Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm.

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Recently, a student who graduated from the Intermediate class obtained a job working full-time in prestigious restaurant metres from Manly beach. He was able to do so, by attending the workshop on a regular basis, having his resume checked, and also knowing what questions to ask his potential employer. (It may have also helped that Cebola had a couple of contacts in town to talk to as well)

This is why it is important to attend the Lexis WorkShop. They are valuable and will most certainly help you gain employment in Australia.


The Lexis WorkShop is offered twice per week at all Lexis schools, and is free to our students.  The WorkShop focuses on resume writing, cover letter writing, interview skills and telephone application skills, and is a great assistance in find work in Australia.

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