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Working in Australia

Tax- TFN:

You must have a tax file number (TFN) when working in Australia. A tax file number is a unique identifier issued by the Australian Taxation Office to each individual. You will be asked to provide this number to your employer when you start working.

Tax file number (TFN)– A tax file number is a unique identifier issued by the Australian Taxation Office to each taxpaying individual. TFN is free.

To apply for a TFN or to get more informationClick Here

How to find work:

There are many ways of finding work in Australia. The best way i find is online or in person. Create a profile online with your up to date resume. This makes it easier to apply for jobs online. 

Online: Seek & Indeed

Tips on how to create an online profile: Click Here

In Person: Before you apply for jobs in person, it’s important to check out who is hiring. Do some research on the company & Dress to impress.

Tips on how to apply in person: Click Here

Work rights on a student visa: On a valid student visa, international students in Australia can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight while classes are in session and unlimited hours when class is not in session. If you break these restrictions, you are at risk of having your visa cancelled.

Interview questions:

It’s always a great idea to practice some interview questions. By preparing confident answers to some of the more common interview questions, you can give yourself the edge over other potential candidates.

Top 10 interview questions- Click Here



Superannuation is one way Australians can save money for their retirement. Your employer should pay 9.5% of your salary into a super fund, through.

Most people can choose which super fund they’d like their super contributions paid into or go with their employer’s fund.  

Choosing a super fund- Click Here


resume, sometimes called a CV or curriculum vitae, is a document that lists your work experience, education, skills and achievements. … It’s considered essential information to give to an employer so they can weigh up whether you’re suitable for a role, and if they want to invite you to a job interview.

Free resume templates

Free resume templates

Basic resume:
  • Choose the right resume format.
  • Add your contact information and Personal details.
  • Start with a Heading Statement (Resume Summary or Resume Objective)
  • List your relevant work experience & Key achievements (include date month/year).
  • List your education correctly.
  • Put relevant skills that fit the job ad.
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