Sunshine Coast – Happy Graduation Day – 22 March

Today we waved goodbye to our wonderful students on their graduation!

These amazing students have come to the end of their learning journey with Lexis. We wish them a happy graduation and best of luck with their future!

Graduation 5 Scaled

Momoko and Lia graduated from our Pre-intermediate class! Both have only been at Lexis for a short time but have been wonderful students! They will both be heading back to Japan – Momoko is starting her university studies and Lia will be going back to Junior High School! Good luck to these wonderful students!

Graduation 6 Scaled

Minamo graduated from our Elementary class! Minamo has been a lovely student who has participated in our activities, she is very artistic and has created some beautiful art in our workshops! We will miss your kind nature and happy smile! Good luck in your university studies, you will be a wonderful librarian!


Graduation 3 Scaled

Filippo graduated from our Upper Intermediate class! Filippo has done very well in school and has made great improvements in his English. He will be missed! He is now going to continue his Australian adventure by travelling around Australia.

Graduation 2 Scaled

Lia and Leon graduated from our Advanced class! They have been wonderful students and will be missed by their class!  Lia is heading back home to Switzerland to her nursing job, where she is then going to be studying to become a midwife! Go Lia! Leon will be returning to complete his high school studies in England, before returning to his home in Switzerland!

Graduation 1 Scaled

Romane graduated from our IELTS class! Romane has been a wonderful addition to the school and will be missed! She will be staying in Australia to work as a chef! We wish Romane all the best with her future!


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