Happy Class!! Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) with teacher Josie.

Our Cambridge classes have just wrapped up and finished their exams ready to enjoy summer in Australia.

Josie’s CAE class were a very studious bunch, with 7/11 students maintaining 100% attendance for the entire 12 week course.

They didn’t just study though. They also made the most of being in beautiful Byron Bay and, before they left, Josie asked them all to write a paragraph detailing what they loved best about their temporary home in Australia.

The unedited paragraphs are below and, judging by these, all the students will hopefully have done very well in their final exams.

Josie Class

Yves– My time here in Byron Bay has been absolutely awesome! Lexis English school is a super professional place to learn English. The town has a lot to offer, especially the restaurants and the nightlife, which never disappoints. What’s better than having a chicken burger at Main Street Burger Bar!
Most of the time we started the night at the Beach Hotel before dancing to great techno sounds at Locura. Byron Bay is definitely a place I would recommend to everyone. Such a fantastic place just to relax and soak up positive vibes.

Sara – What I can’t get enough of is Tallow Beach. I’ll always remember the first time I saw it: white, as an unspoiled sight that makes you unwind. Blue, as the serenity that bursts in you when you walk along it.
When you need some time to come back to your centre after the madness of Byron by night, this awe-inspiring place is what you can’t miss out on.

Tamara – On our first weekend here in Byron Bay we went to Brunswick for a barbecue. It was really relaxing and I was able to have a chat with everyone and get to know them better. Great start to a new chapter of life. Byron Bay has been fantastic.
Not only did I meet great people with whom I had an incredible time and hope to stay in contact with after we leave, but also it became a second home. I stayed in a charming house with a breathtaking view over Byron Bay, a picture I will always remember.
Ther are lots of things I’m going to miss after I leave. Byron Bay is a lovely town with plenty of charismatic little cafes.

Francesco – Byron Bay is one of the most vibrant towns along the east coast. What I loved the most was Tallow Beach. Going for a wander or just lazing, soaking up the sun, gives you a sense of incredible peace.
It’s easy to bump into people, most of the time travellers, and getting to know different aspects of different traditions.

Juhee – Byron Bay has been a breath of fresh air in my life. There are lots of stunning beaches where I have been, soaking up the sun. I don’t know how many times I saw dolphins in the ocean! It was such an unforgettable experience.
Everything, such as the weather and people, makes me feel over the moon. Honestly, I don’t want to leave this paradise. I’m completely sure that I will miss this most charming place in the world.

Celine – My best way to start a typical day in Byron is to have a refreshing swim while I’m soaking up the early morning sun. Then, the place I like the most to have a delicious acai bowl is the eco-friendly Top Shop cafe, which is the meeting point for every Australian.
If I’m searching for a quiet and relaxing spot to chill out, I definitely go to the beach while having a mouth-watering ice cream. Because it’s extremely challenging to make up my mind to choose a flavour, I usually go with the one that catches my eye.
My favourite activity in the evening is unwinding with the talented musician who plays on the grass.

Florian – The lighthouse is definitely the place I prefer to go in Byron Bay. Even though it is quite challenging to get there, the view is worth the effort. Either for sunrise or sunset, the outlook is certainly breathtaking. Since my first time at the beginning of my trip, I’ve been on cloud nine every single time I reach it!

Sarah – Not only did I have the time of my life here in Byron, but I’m going to miss a lot of things for sure. Apart from the golden beaches, where I spent most of my time, I’ll miss the lighthouse, which is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset.
What also is fantastic is the town itself. I fell for the countless gorgeous and delicious cafes and the bustling and vibrant vibe in the evenings when you find live music around every corner.
Byron and the people here made me feel right at home and I’ll definitely come back!

Chloe – No sooner did I set foot in Byron that it’s relaxing vibes enveloped me and I immediately felt at home. Not only was I delighted by the heavenly food of the local farmers market as well as the charming restaurants in town, but I was also over the moon to discover the awesome music in the streets.
I would strongly recommend this lively little town, where you can wander and go with the flow to enjoy everything this place has to offer.

Eva – This experience has been a breath of fresh air in my life. I didn’t have a clue that it could bring me so many memorable moments.
Byron Bay is a spectacular village surrounded by incredible beaches, where you can play it by ear and discover yourself!
From running to the lighthouse at dawn to drinking beer with your friends enjoying the music in any charming place. Byron is full of amazing spots that will leave you speechless.

Josie Class 2



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