GV Perth’s Cambridge FCE & CAE classes go to court!

On Thursday 25th November 2010, GV Perth’s FCE & CAE classes went on an excursion to the Supreme Court of Western Australia!

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[Above – Judge Sybille & Sheriff’s Officer Céline]

The purpose of the excursion was to learn about the historical changes to issues of law in Western Australia. It was a great day out, and students had the opportunity to use a lot of formal and context-specific language.

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[Judge’s Associate Rosanna]

The classes also got a chance to role-play a real court-case which took place in 1844 – “The Crown vs. John Gaven”. Students took on the roles of prosecution, defence, witnesses, judges and officials, and deliberated over the fate of then 15-year-old convict John Gaven, accused of the murder of a free settler, Mr. George Pollard.

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[State Counsel (Prosecution Attorney) Hee and Defense Attorney Mandy]

In 1844, the real John Gaven was sadly condemned to death (he was the first white man to be executed in Western Australia). However, our faithful and conscientious jury found that there was reasonable doubt of John’s guilt and returned a verdict of “Not Guilty”.

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[Members of the Jury Angelika, Masaki, Tony and Leonie]

The classes also attended an actual trial being conducted on the day, observing the action live from the public gallery. All in all, it was a wonderful and highly interesting day for everyone, and one in which we could change the course of history and save the life of an innocent man!

– Stuart, Cambridge CAE teacher

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