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Responsible service of alcohol courses


It is a requirement that all staff working in venues that sell alcoholic beverages after 1am must undertake this course.

The course covers the following:
* Identification of customers to whom service must/may be refused in accordance with state regulations
* Minors
* Acceptable proof of age identification
* Standard drinks
* Preparation & service of alcoholic beverages responsibly
* Assisting customers to drink within appropriate limits
* Recognizing signs of intoxication
* Refusal of service
* Assisting alcohol affected customers
* Conflict resolution, requesting customers to leave
* Recognizing & reporting of situations where assistance is required

College Australia $65 – student concession
Level 3, 333 Adelaide Street
Courses are run every week

QHA Queensland Hotels Association $60 – student concession
Level 3, 160 Edward Street $100 – full fee
Courses are run every week

Below is a list of places to search for bar jobs, including glassie. Some you can apply directly online.

Normanby Hotel

1 Musgrave Road, Red Hill
Telephone: 3831 3353, Fax: 3832 3157
Email: [email protected]; Website: www.thenormanby.com.au

8 Mc Lachlan Street, Fortitude Valley
Telephone: 3852 5000, Fax: 3852 1217
Website: www.thefamily.com.au

Fridays Riverside
123 Eagle Street, Brisbane
Telephone: 3852 5000, Fax: 3852 1217
Email: [email protected]; Website: www.fridays.com.au

For more information about RSA or other employment assistance, refer to the Employment Guide at Student Support.

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