Good Times

Everybody knows that at 2pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Nadia has a wild, wacky and wonderful activity schedule to enjoy good times with your friends.



Last week was off to a good start with a didgeridoo demonstration from local artist, Scott.  Scott gathered with the students in Pinaroo Park to share the spirit of Aboriginal music.



Team Japan, Team Korea and Team Taiwan competed against each other in a round of Master Chef mid-week. 



The three teams were given a variety of ingredients to create a signature meal which Homestay officer Jo had the pleasure of doing the taste testing and pick out a winning team.


Team Japan won the Master Chef and received a free tour to Underwater World at Mooloolaba, courtesy of Tribal Travel.



Who would have thought a tissue box tied to a belt with 10 ping-pong balls in it, could be so much fun for GV Noosa students.  ‘Minute to Win It’ always poses a hilarious challenge that students just can’t seem to get enough of.


The aim of the game was to empty the tissue box full of ping-pong balls in 60 seconds.  Sounds easy, but it’s not so easy when the tissue box is tied to your back and the bodily and facial expressions are to die for!


Ppbw2Ppbw3Ppbw8Ppbw7Ppbw6 Thiago from Brazil was hard to beat, completing the tissue task in the fastest time at 3:44 secs.  Thiago won an Everglades Champagne Afternoon Cruise, valued at $75, courtesy of Tribal Travel.

If you like what you see in these pictures and you are studying full-time, come and join in on and get to know how much fun and clever your peer students are.


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