Friday Photo Shoot !!

The photo shoot on Friday 1 May was a big success with not four as originally planned but six students participating. Each student was paid $45 per hour for their time and all agreed it was very interesting and a lot of fun….not bad work if you can get it!

The six lucky students who took part in the photo shoot on Friday afternoon were a multi national group (as you would expect from GV Byron Bay). Pyo (Korean),  Mario (Swiss),  Anna (Spanish), Aya and Saya (Japanese) and Camila (Chilean) all said it was really fun and the easiest money they ever earnt!  Dean Turner the photographer has said that the school is a great venue for him to use and that he needs more pictures of multinational groups for his portfolio of work which is sold to photo libraries and used around the world.  Go to:  He has asked if he can return in a few weeks for another photo shoot so if you are interested in participating just let us know.

Dean is going to send us copies of the photos that he took on the photo shoot later this week and they will be posted on the blog.

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