French students tell us about their study experience

This week we interviewed French students Alban, Aurelia and Laura to ask them how their Aussie study experience is going?

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Why are you studying at Global Village Noosa?

Alban:  Firstly I live in the big city and I think that’s its best to study in a small town.  It’s very peaceful with beautiful beaches here in Noosa.  I am also here to study English.  I took an exam for the French Air Force and I failed, so now I am here to improve my English and then take another exam for the French Navy.

Aurelia:  I wanted to improve my English to help study at University.  I have done one year at University in France studying English and Chinese, and I need to improve my English to do a higher level.

Laura:  I am studying at GV Noosa because I don’t like a big city and it is calm here.  I think it’s important to improve my English for my future and employment reasons.  I would like to pass the Cambridge Exam because I think it is very good for my CV.

 What do you enjoy most while studying in Noosa?

Alban:  I am enjoying the Monday nights at Tribal Night the best because after school we go to the beach and it’s cool to meet other friends afterwards in the bar to drink some beers and party.

 Aurelia:  I thought Noosa was perfect because it’s not too big and not too small.  There are a lot of activities organized by the school.  The price, the beaches and the people is a lot better than studying in England.  It’s half price for example.  Financially, I could stay longer in Noosa than England.

Laura:  I am really enjoying going to the beach, it’s very relaxing.  My host family is very cool too.  The barbecue is great too, that’s where I like to meet my friends. 

 Tell us about your course and study experience?

Alban:  I am in the PTE courses, so I don’t have the pressures of other courses.  I have an exam but it’s not as hard as the advanced courses.  It is fun and I love the pedagogy.  In France we have very bad pedagogy for the English language.  Swedish are very good at languages but French aren’t so good.  The French teachers don’t use a lot of strategy in English teaching so I think it’s better to learn English here in Australia.

Aurelia:  I really enjoy the courses because the teachers are funny and they know how to make learning interesting.  The lessons are very interesting because of the way we learn and how the teachers teach us. 

Laura:  The teachers are really good, they are always funny and they play games.  I think that is a good way to learn English because it’s not boring.

How did you hear about Global Village Noosa?

Alban:  A friend was here one year ago and that is how I heard about GV Noosa.

Aurelia:  My friend was here six months ago and said it was good and recommended for me to come here so that is also why I made the agreement with my agency. 

Laura:  I was searching for learning English in different countries and I found ESL on the internet and I saw Noosa and liked the pictures and the description of the area.  Also, the beaches were near the school and that appealed to me.  I didn’t want to go to the big city and Noosa seemed to be quiet and calm, that’s why I chose Noosa.  Now that I am here, I can see that it’s what I expected and I am having a good time.

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