Sunshine Coast – Festive Concert and Graduation – 22 December

A Magical Blend of Festivity and Achievement: Festive School Concert and Graduation Day Extravaganza

‘Tis the season to be festive, and what better way to spread joy than with a delightful Christmas school concert intertwined with the joyous celebration of graduation day! This year, Sunshine Coast Lexis’s festive spirit reached new heights as students showcased their talents, and graduates bid farewell to their academic journey in a heartwarming afternoon.

The students took the stage, presenting a mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern performances. The student’s rendition of classic Christmas carols resonated through the school, and poems were beautifully recited, capturing the essence of the festive season! A few classes added a touch of humor with their festive plays, leaving the audience in splits of laughter.

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The atmosphere was charged with mixed emotions – a bittersweet blend of endings and new beginnings. Our beautiful graduates will be missed so much!

Festive Concert 12 Scaled Festive Concert 13 Scaled Festive Concert 14 Scaled Festive Concert 15 Scaled Festive Concert 16 Scaled

The Christmas school concert and graduation day not only entertained but also created lasting memories for students and teachers alike.

In the spirit of the season and the spirit of accomplishment, the event left everyone with a warm glow in their hearts – a fitting way to wrap up the year and embrace the festivities ahead.

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