FCE Class Become Master Chefs

The FCE class went pancake crazy last week for their cooking class.


Last week we had a cooking class for making pancakes and Korean pancake. We had the ingredient and we had to follow a recipe to make our own pancakes. The most interesting thing was that every single pancake was different in taste and size.

Dennis cooked a traditional Korean pancake which looked and tasted very different from the Australian pancake. It was salty and spicy.


Simon cooked a ‘special’ pancake. It was massive and with an irregular form. Ronnie was supposed to make a perfect cream sauce for us but he put too much sugar in it and ruined it.


Finally Alejandra cooked the most beautiful and tasty pancake for all the class, even though it was the first time that she had cooked pancakes.

While we were cooking Fernanda played the banana pancake song so we enjoyed the whole experience a lot!

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