Noosa – Exceptional Students Leaving Today – 8 December

Farewell to the Exceptional Graduates of Lexis English Noosa.

As the calendar flips to December 8, Lexis English Noosa is preparing to bid farewell to our accomplished graduating students. It’s a moment to reminisce about the highlights and take pride in the achievements of these students who have seamlessly become an indispensable part of our English learning community.

Throughout their tenure with us, these students have exhibited dedication, resilience, and a genuine passion for mastering the English language.

The bonds they’ve forged with their peers and instructors will forever hold a special place, underscoring the tight-knit nature of our Lexis English Noosa family.

Lexis English Noosa takes great satisfaction in being a nurturing environment where students not only enhance their language skills but also gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.

The farewell gathering on December 8 goes beyond mere goodbyes; it’s a moment to revel in their accomplishments, recollect the challenges they surmounted collectively, and acknowledge the enduring friendships formed within these walls. Graduation day serves as a testament to the relentless dedication these students invested in their learning journey. As we bid farewell, we are filled with joy and confidence, knowing they are equipped with outstanding English skills to confidently face the world, courtesy of Lexis English Noosa.

In saying our farewells, it’s crucial to recognize that the conclusion of one chapter signals the commencement of another. As our exceptional students embark on journeys across the globe, we are certain that Lexis English Noosa has left an indelible mark on their lives.

We take pride in having played a role in their linguistic and cultural development.

Mashiro, Taiga, Anja Sonja, Risa, Emilia, Romina, Emilie, Timo and Gislaine we say goodbye with gratitude, pride, and the belief that you will achieve great things.


Farewell To The Exceptional Graduates Of Lexis English Noosa.




May the expertise gained and the moments created at Lexis English Noosa serve as a compass on their future endeavours.

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