Brisbane – DIY Bowl Painting – 29th May 2024

On Wednesday, students participated in a DIY Bowl Painting activity and had a lot of fun engaging in this creative endeavour. They enjoyed talking to other students, exploring their artistic skills, and practising English. The student lounge was alive with creativity, lively conversations, laughter, and music. It was the perfect way to celebrate hump day!


This experience proved to be highly beneficial for their time abroad, providing them with a relaxing and enjoyable way to empty their minds. Painting allows students to express themselves creatively, which can be a great outlet for stress relief. It also helps improve their fine motor skills, enhances focus and concentration, and fosters a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, many students incorporated elements of their own cultures into their bowl designs, making the activity a wonderful fusion of global artistic expressions.

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Overall, the DIY Bowl Painting activity was a fantastic way for the students to connect with one another, improve their English vocabulary, and enrich their study abroad experience.



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