Chikako our Lexis Perth FCE star!

Chikako came to talk to me this morning and wanted to share her experience of living in Perth and studying at Lexis. It was a really nice conversation.. this is what she had to say…

Hi everyone, my name is Chikako and I’m from Japan.  I come from a city called Utusnomiya which is a nice place and famous for its dumplings 🙂

I have been in Perth for six months and have been studying since I arrived. I am currently in the FCE class which is quite difficult (this week we had our mocks exams!) but I really like the challenge of the class and want to try. I find the Cambridge class to be really good as we study all of the skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar and I have found it be quite serious which suits me. Since I’ve been here I think my ability to communicate with people in English has really improved which makes me feel more confident when I speak to others.

I often go to GIL (guided independent study) after class and I like it because I find it useful as I can review the day’s work and learn more vocabulary.

At the moment I’m staying in a sharehouse after living in homestay before. I found it through a website, which was easy. Living in Perth has been really good. I went to Sydney for a holiday and I found that I prefer Perth as the pace of life is a little less busy.

I have to say that I really am thankful to my teacher, Corrine, as she always supports me and has given me a lot of confidence.

In the future I want to go to TAFE, maybe in Perth or in Canada. That’s why English is so important to me. I really want to study psychology as I’m really interested in people’s behaviour.

I like this school as it feels like a home away from home. The teachers are all very friendly and kind. I also want to say that I have made lots of friends from many different countries and it really has been a wonderful experience for me!


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