Shigeki’s life in Perth

I’m Shigeki from Japan and I just want to share my life here with you all. I’ve been in Perth for 12 weeks and so far I find it to be a great place to live. I’m from a place called Hyogo in Japan and the thing I noticed first about Perth is that you can see so many stars here at night. It’s very different to where I live as there is so much light pollution you can’t see much.

If I reflect on my life here in Perth I think it’s great.  Everyone has been very kind to me and I’m happy to stay here until September.

Life at school is fun. I’m a little bit sad today as I’ve made some really good friends in the time I have been here and they are now leaving. However, I know that more people will come and I’ll make new friends. The classes are very good, the teachers are professional and I feel very comfortable with them. They make a real effort to make the classes interesting and entertaining and they are easy to understand which really helps my English language development.

At the moment I am living in a backpackers just around the corner from the school and it’s great. There are a few English backpackers there and they have been really kind to me and are helping me with my English when I get stuck, which is cool!  All in all it’s a great life here at Lexis Perth.Shigeki

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