Byron Bay – Where are they now? Ex-Student Magic – 13 October 20 ✨

Where are they now?

We’re asking some past staff and students to tell us a bit about what’s happening now in their life after Lexis.  This week we interview the fun and friendly ex-student, Magic!

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Beautiful traditional clothing, Thailand…doesn’t Magic look amazing!


Where are you now?

Now I’m in Thailand, Chiang Mai Province. My home is in Chiang Mai and I started to rebuild my world to protect myself from COVID 19 with farming and plans to make it an all-inclusive farm and sell it in the future.

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Farming in Chiang Mai, Thailand


How long did you study at Lexis?

I studied at Lexis for 8 weeks.

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With teacher Michelle and Lexis friends


When did you leave, and where did you go?

I left in April as far as I can remember. And I come back to Thailand.

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Byron Bay beach


What was a highlight of studying at Lexis English?

My English is not good, I can tell from zero. And luckily it was mine to come to Lexis English, it opened up my world a lot.

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Graduating with teacher Kristy and Lexis friends


Your favourite thing about studying English is…?

Language is beautiful, I love to learn many languages, it allows me to understand when communicating with other languages. It’s something I really like and it’s essential in real life.

What do you miss about Byron Bay?

I am miss Lexis, the intense learning, the smiles of all the students and teachers, Popular surfing the clean sea, the beautiful beaches, the people there are friendly greetings, the delicious food, the aromatic coffee, the traffic rules required. Do right things that my country doesn’t have. It is a very beautiful memory.

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With friends at Lexis, Byron Bay


Tell us about what life’s like now:

I work on a mountain farm, the signal is terrible, I get messages from time to time. Communication is difficult I love and miss everyone, I will go back to school when I have another chance.

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Farm life in Chiang Mai, Thailand…wowzer!


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