Byron Bay – Welcome to the Weekend! February 21st -23rd



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Byron Artisan Market – Railway Park Byron Bay – Saturday

Byron Farmers Market (Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay) – every Thursday (8am – 11am)

Bangalow Farmers Market (Bangalow Hotel Carpark, 1 Byron St, Bangalow) – every Saturday (8am – 11am

Gig Guide


 Dan Hannaford @ Railway Hotel

 Cousin Tony’s Brand new Firebird @ Hotel Great Northern

 10:30am The Byron Shire Seniors Festival 2020 @ Byron Theatre

 5:00pm Jock Barnes @ Beach Hotel

 6:00pm Angie Hudson @ Targa

 6:00pm Exhibition – Jacob Boylan – ‘Dire Contact’ @ Lone Goat Gallery

 7:00pm Country Witches Association @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:00pm Earth Frequency Festival After Party @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:30pm Warren Earl Band @ Treehouse

 8:00pm CWA (Country Witches Association) 4th Meeting & podcast @ Brew House Theatre

 9:00pm Ragga Jump @ Beach Hotel

 9:00pm Curtis Luxton + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar


 The Majestic Knights @ Railway Hotel

 Shady Nasty + Craterface @ Hotel Great Northern

 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel

 7:00pm Paco Lara – The Andalusian Guitar @ Marvel St Hall

 7:00pm Ben Walsh and Swanny @ Byron Bay Brewery

 7:00pm The Natural Future – Ideas and Solutions presented by Byron Bay Surf Festival @ Byron Theatre

 7:30pm Jess Judies @ Treehouse

 9:00pm Rhythm & Cutloose @ Beach Hotel

 9:00pm Felix + Local Djs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar


 Fergo @ Hotel Great Northern

 Lemaire @ Railway Hotel

 12:00pm Sunday Sessions – DJs Slack and Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse

 4:30pm Goodrich @ Beach Hotel

 5:00pm Burning Hands Blues Band @ Byron Bay Brewery

 6:00pm Nock, Wilson, Zwartz & Stuart @ Byron Theatre

 7:00pm Steve Tyson @ Fresh

 7:30pm MVMT @ Beach Hotel

Happy Travel

Beach Kangaroo
Camping $176

Beach Kangaroo
Camping $176


1917 (MA15+)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:30pm, 8:45pm
SAT 22ND FEB 1:30pm, 8:45pm
SUN 23RD FEB 1:30pm, 8:45pm

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (PG)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:15am, 8:45pm
SAT 22ND FEB 11:15am, 8:45pm
SUN 23RD FEB 11:15am, 8:45pm

Birds of Prey (MA15+)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:15pm, 8:40pm
SAT 22ND FEB 1:15pm, 8:40pm
SUN 23RD FEB 1:15pm, 8:40pm

Bombshell (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 4:00pm, 6:30pm
SAT 22ND FEB 4:00pm, 6:30pm
SUN 23RD FEB 4:00pm, 6:30pm

Dolittle (PG)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:00pm
SAT 22ND FEB 1:00pm
SUN 23RD FEB 1:00pm

Emma (PG)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:00am, 3:40pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm
SAT 22ND FEB 11:00am, 3:40pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm
SUN 23RD FEB 11:00am, 3:40pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm

Jojo Rabbit (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:15am, 3:45pm, 8:40pm
SAT 22ND FEB 11:15am, 3:45pm, 8:40pm
SUN 23RD FEB 11:15am, 3:45pm, 8:40pm

Jumanji: The Next Level (PG)

SAT 22ND FEB 10:30am
SUN 23RD FEB 10:30am

Little Women (G)

FRI 21ST FEB 3:20pm, 6:00pm
SAT 22ND FEB 3:20pm, 6:00pm
SUN 23RD FEB 3:20pm, 6:00pm

Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet (CTC)


Parasite (MA15+)

FRI 21ST FEB 12:40pm, 3:20pm, 6:00pm, 8:15pm
SAT 22ND FEB 12:40pm, 3:20pm, 6:00pm, 8:15pm
SUN 23RD FEB 12:40pm, 3:20pm, 6:00pm, 8:15pm

Richard Jewell (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:00am, 8:20pm
SAT 22ND FEB 11:00am, 8:20pm
SUN 23RD FEB 11:00am, 8:20pm

Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:30pm, 6:30pm
SAT 22ND FEB 10:30am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm
SUN 23RD FEB 10:30am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm

The Biggest Little Farm (PG)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:00am
SAT 22ND FEB 11:00am
SUN 23RD FEB 11:00am

The Call of the Wild (PG)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:40pm, 4:00pm, 6:15pm
SAT 22ND FEB 1:40pm, 4:00pm, 6:15pm
SUN 23RD FEB 1:40pm, 4:00pm, 6:15pm

The Gentlemen (MA15+)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:20pm, 8:45pm
SAT 22ND FEB 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:20pm, 8:45pm
SUN 23RD FEB 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:20pm, 8:45pm

The Leunig Fragments (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:00am
SAT 22ND FEB 11:00am
SUN 23RD FEB 11:00am

The Peanut Butter Falcon (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:20pm
SAT 22ND FEB 1:20pm

The Professor and the Madman (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 3:45pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm
SAT 22ND FEB 10:30am, 3:45pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm
SUN 23RD FEB 10:30am, 3:45pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm

YAH20 Amazing Leonardo (18+)

FRI 21ST FEB 3:45pm

YAH20 Hearts and Bones (M)

SAT 22ND FEB 3:30pm

YAH20 Hope Gap (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 6:00pm
SUN 23RD FEB 3:45pm

YAH20 Military Wives (M)

SAT 22ND FEB 1:00pm

YAH20 My Masterpiece (M)

SUN 23RD FEB 6:00pm

YAH20 Never Too Late (M)

SUN 23RD FEB 1:45pm

YAH20 Out of Blue (M)

FRI 21ST FEB 1:15pm

YAH20 The Current War (M)

SAT 22ND FEB 6:00pm

YAH20 The Taverna (18+)

FRI 21ST FEB 11:15am

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