Byron Bay – This week’s fabulous graduates – 5 May 2023

Six Byron Bay classics are graduating this week; Nami, Renata, Yuki, Mary, Alana and Wawa.

Our graduates have been studying at Lexis Byron Bay from between 4 and 48 weeks and we are sad to see them go but also excited for their onward journeys.

Nami is leaving us after studying at Lexis for seven months! All her teaches and fellow students will definitely miss her very much. It is always hard to say goodbye to a student who has been here in Lexis Byron Bay for a long time. She is graduating from our Intermediate class and her teacher, Mel, said that it’s been a pleasure to teach her as she has shared so many interesting stories about her country and culture. She wrote beautiful thank you notes to her teachers, one of which is below.

Nami Note
Nami’s thank you note

From our Pre-Intermediate class we say goodbye to Renata and Yuki.

Renata’s positive attitude, and willingness to participate in group activities was great to see and her English skills have improved a lot since she has been at Lexis. Her teacher, Dan, said she worked hard to understand new vocabulary and grammar and made great progress.

This Week'S Graduate - Renata

Dan also said how much he enjoyed teaching Yuki. He described her as a polite, positive and hard-working student and said he has noticed a big improvement in all her skills, especially grammar and speaking. She asked some great questions and worked hard to understand new vocabulary and grammar.

We also have one student graduating from our Upper-Intermediate class – Ying-Syuan, known as Sandy. Sandy’s teacher, Marie, said that it’s been a joy having her in their class. She was a model student and worked very hard. She recommended Mary to listening to podcasts that interest her to take her listening skills to the next level.

This Week'S Upper Intermediate Graduate - Sandy

Finally, our IELTS class says goodbye to Alana and Wawa.

Wawa has been at Lexis for 48 weeks and started in Elementary level so it’s great to see her finish up in IELTS. She has improved so much and her teacher, Elizabeth, said that she should be really proud of herself. She is a wonderful student who studied hard, joined in with the activities and took responsibility for her learning.

Alana has only been with us for 12 weeks but her English has really improved, especially her academic English. Elizabeth praised her for studying hard, asking the right questions and getting on well with her classmates.

All of us at Lexis Byron Bay wish our fantastic graduates this week the very best for their future!

This Week'S Ielts Graduates - Alana And Wawa


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