Byron Bay – The Weekend – 9 June 21







Byron Farmers Market

Byron Farmers Market

Thursday 10 June 2021
Repeats every week every Thursday

NOTE – Byron Farmers Market relocated to the Cavanbah… More Info

Mullum Farmers Market

Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market

Friday 11 June 2021
Repeats every week every Friday

The Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market is held every Friday, no matter the weather, from 7am until 11am. They are located at the Mullumbimby Showgrounds… More Info

Bangalow Flea Market

Bangalow Flea Markets

Saturday 12 June 2021
Repeats every month on the second Saturday

Byron’s markets re-opened in August 2020. Please be aware that markets can be canceled at any time due to changes to COVID restrictions as… More Info

Bangalow Farmers Market

Bangalow Farmers Market

Saturday 12 June 2021
Repeats every week every Saturday

After the Byron Bay Farmers’ Market became very popular within the local community, the Byron Farmers’ Market Association decided to initiate… More Info

The Channon Market

The Channon Market

Sunday 13 June 2021
Repeats every month on the second Sunday

The region’s markets re-opened in August 2020. Please be aware that markets can be canceled at any time due to changes to COVID… More Info



Gig Guide





A Quiet Place Part II (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 1:30pm4:45pm8:15pm
SAT 12TH JUN 1:30pm4:45pm8:15pm
SUN 13TH JUN 1:30pm4:45pm8:15pm


Breaking Bread (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 2:00pm
SAT 12TH JUN 2:00pm
SUN 13TH JUN 2:00pm


Breaking News in Yuba County (MA15+)


FRI 11TH JUN 1:20pm
SAT 12TH JUN 1:20pm
SUN 13TH JUN 1:20pm


Bye Bye Morons (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 11:15am
SAT 12TH JUN 11:15am
SUN 13TH JUN 11:15am


Cousins (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 4:00pm6:15pm
SAT 12TH JUN 4:00pm6:15pm
SUN 13TH JUN 4:00pm6:15pm


Cruella (PG)


FRI 11TH JUN 11:00am1:45pm4:30pm7:15pm
SAT 12TH JUN 11:00am1:45pm4:30pm7:15pm
SUN 13TH JUN 11:00am1:45pm4:30pm7:15pm


Dream Horse (PG)


FRI 11TH JUN 1:50pm4:10pm7:00pm
SAT 12TH JUN 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm
SUN 13TH JUN 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm


GER21 Dream Factory (15+)


SAT 12TH JUN 1:15pm


GER21 Electric Girl (18+)


SAT 12TH JUN 8:30pm


GER21 Enfant Terrible (18+)


SUN 13TH JUN 3:45pm


GER21 I’m Your Man (15+)


SAT 12TH JUN 11:00am


GER21 Next Door (15+)


FRI 11TH JUN 2:45pm
SAT 12TH JUN 6:15pm


GER21 Nightlife (18+)


FRI 11TH JUN 8:00pm


GER21 The Bra (15+)


SAT 12TH JUN 4:00pm


Heroic Losers (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 3:30pm6:00pm
SAT 12TH JUN 3:30pm6:00pm
SUN 13TH JUN 3:30pm6:00pm


Lapsis (PG)


FRI 11TH JUN 2:30pm
SAT 12TH JUN 2:30pm
SUN 13TH JUN 2:30pm


Minamata (MA15+)


FRI 11TH JUN 1:30pm8:20pm
SAT 12TH JUN 1:30pm8:20pm
SUN 13TH JUN 1:30pm8:20pm


Nomadland (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 11:15am8:20pm
SAT 12TH JUN 11:15am8:20pm
SUN 13TH JUN 11:15am8:20pm


Percy Vs Goliath (PG)


FRI 11TH JUN 3:50pm6:00pm
SAT 12TH JUN 3:50pm6:00pm
SUN 13TH JUN 3:50pm6:00pm


Peter Rabbit 2 (G)


SAT 12TH JUN 10:10am
SUN 13TH JUN 10:10am


Promising Young Woman (MA15+)


FRI 11TH JUN 11:30am
SAT 12TH JUN 11:30am
SUN 13TH JUN 11:30am


Raya and the Last Dragon (PG)


FRI 11TH JUN 11:00am
SAT 12TH JUN 11:00am
SUN 13TH JUN 11:00am


Spirit Untamed (G)


SAT 12TH JUN 10:15am12:15pm
SUN 13TH JUN 10:15am12:15pm


The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It (MA15+)


FRI 11TH JUN 3:40pm6:00pm8:20pm
SAT 12TH JUN 3:40pm6:00pm8:20pm
SUN 13TH JUN 3:40pm6:00pm8:20pm


The Godmother (M)


FRI 11TH JUN 11:50am
SAT 12TH JUN 12:10pm
SUN 13TH JUN 12:10pm


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