Antoinette in the Cévennes (M)


FRI 30TH APR 11:40am3:50pm6:00pm
SAT 1ST MAY 11:40am3:50pm6:00pm
SUN 2ND MAY 11:40am3:50pm6:00pm


Creation Stories (MA15+)


FRI 30TH APR 11:30am
SAT 1ST MAY 11:30am
SUN 2ND MAY 11:30am


Every Breath You Take (MA15+)


FRI 30TH APR 2:20pm
SAT 1ST MAY 2:20pm
SUN 2ND MAY 2:20pm


First Cow (PG)


FRI 30TH APR 10:45am4:00pm6:30pm
SAT 1ST MAY 10:45am4:00pm6:30pm
SUN 2ND MAY 10:45am4:00pm6:30pm


Girls Can’t Surf (M)


FRI 30TH APR 4:20pm
SAT 1ST MAY 4:20pm
SUN 2ND MAY 4:20pm


Godzilla vs. Kong (M)


FRI 30TH APR 11:00am
SAT 1ST MAY 11:00am
SUN 2ND MAY 11:00am


Judas and the Black Messiah (MA15+)


FRI 30TH APR 1:45pm
SAT 1ST MAY 1:45pm
SUN 2ND MAY 1:45pm


Mortal Kombat (R18+)


FRI 30TH APR 1:45pm4:10pm6:30pm8:10pm
SAT 1ST MAY 1:45pm4:10pm6:30pm8:10pm
SUN 2ND MAY 1:45pm4:10pm6:30pm


Nobody (MA15+)


FRI 30TH APR 1:30pm8:15pm
SAT 1ST MAY 1:30pm8:15pm
SUN 2ND MAY 1:30pm


Nomadland (M)


FRI 30TH APR 4:00pm7:00pm
SAT 1ST MAY 4:00pm7:00pm
SUN 2ND MAY 4:00pm7:00pm


Peter Rabbit 2 (G)


FRI 30TH APR 11:00am1:45pm
SAT 1ST MAY 10:45am1:45pm
SUN 2ND MAY 10:45am1:45pm


Promising Young Woman (MA15+)


FRI 30TH APR 4:30pm
SAT 1ST MAY 4:30pm
SUN 2ND MAY 4:30pm


Raya and the Last Dragon (PG)


FRI 30TH APR 1:15pm
SAT 1ST MAY 1:15pm
SUN 2ND MAY 1:15pm


SPA21 Cross the Line (18+)


FRI 30TH APR 3:30pm


SPA21 Ema (MA15+)


SUN 2ND MAY 1:30pm


SPA21 If I Were Rich (18+)


SUN 2ND MAY 6:45pm


SPA21 Rosa’s Wedding (M)


SAT 1ST MAY 6:15pm


SPA21 Spider (MA15+)


SAT 1ST MAY 8:30pm


SPA21 The Adopters (18+)


SAT 1ST MAY 12:50pm


SPA21 While at War (PG)


SUN 2ND MAY 11:00am


SPA21 Wishlist (18+)


FRI 30TH APR 1:10pm
SAT 1ST MAY 10:30am


Six Minutes to Midnight (M)


FRI 30TH APR 3:50pm6:00pm
SAT 1ST MAY 3:50pm6:00pm
SUN 2ND MAY 3:50pm6:00pm


Supernova (M)


FRI 30TH APR 2:00pm6:15pm
SAT 1ST MAY 2:00pm6:15pm
SUN 2ND MAY 2:00pm6:15pm


The Courier (M)


FRI 30TH APR 12:00pm6:45pm
SAT 1ST MAY 12:00pm6:45pm
SUN 2ND MAY 12:00pm6:45pm


The Father (M)


FRI 30TH APR 11:50am
SAT 1ST MAY 11:50am
SUN 2ND MAY 11:50am


Tom & Jerry: The Movie (G)


FRI 30TH APR 11:30am
SAT 1ST MAY 11:30am
SUN 2ND MAY 11:30am


Wrath of Man (MA15+)


FRI 30TH APR1:30pm4:15pm7:00pm8:10pm
SAT 1ST MAY1:30pm4:15pm7:00pm8:10pm
SUN 2ND MAY1:30pm4:15pm7:00pm

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