A Quiet Place Part II (M)


WED 14TH JUL 4:20pm6:30pm
THU 15TH JUL 1:00pm
FRI 16TH JUL 1:00pm
SAT 17TH JUL 1:00pm
MON 19TH JUL 1:00pm
TUE 20TH JUL 1:00pm
WED 21ST JUL 1:15pm


Black Widow (M)


WED 14TH JUL 3:30pm4:15pm6:30pm7:15pm
THU 15TH JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm7:00pm
FRI 16TH JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm7:00pm
SAT 17TH JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm7:00pm
SUN 18TH JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm7:00pm
MON 19TH JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm7:00pm
TUE 20TH JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm7:00pm
WED 21ST JUL 10:45am12:45pm1:45pm3:30pm6:15pm


Buckley’s Chance (PG)


THU 15TH JUL 10:50am
MON 19TH JUL 10:50am
TUE 20TH JUL 10:50am


Cruella (PG)


WED 14TH JUL 3:30pm6:30pm
THU 15TH JUL 11:00am1:30pm3:30pm6:45pm
FRI 16TH JUL 11:00am1:30pm3:30pm6:45pm
SAT 17TH JUL 11:00am1:30pm6:45pm
SUN 18TH JUL 11:00am1:30pm6:45pm
MON 19TH JUL 11:00am1:30pm6:45pm
TUE 20TH JUL 11:00am1:30pm6:45pm
WED 21ST JUL 11:00am1:30pm6:45pm


Fast & Furious 9 (M)


WED 14TH JUL 4:00pm6:50pm
THU 15TH JUL 3:30pm
FRI 16TH JUL 3:30pm
SAT 17TH JUL 3:30pm
SUN 18TH JUL 3:30pm
MON 19TH JUL 3:30pm
TUE 20TH JUL 3:30pm
WED 21ST JUL 3:30pm


From The Vine (M)


THU 15TH JUL 11:30am
FRI 16TH JUL 11:30am
SAT 17TH JUL 11:30am
SUN 18TH JUL 11:30am
MON 19TH JUL 11:30am
TUE 20TH JUL 11:30am
WED 21ST JUL 11:30am


Gunpowder Milkshake (MA15+)


THU 15TH JUL 11:00am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
FRI 16TH JUL 11:00am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
SAT 17TH JUL 2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
SUN 18TH JUL 2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
MON 19TH JUL 2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
TUE 20TH JUL 2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm


Herself (MA15+)


THU 15TH JUL 1:50pm
FRI 16TH JUL 1:50pm
SAT 17TH JUL 1:50pm
SUN 18TH JUL 1:50pm
MON 19TH JUL 1:50pm
TUE 20TH JUL 1:50pm
WED 21ST JUL 1:50pm


In the Heights (PG)


WED 14TH JUL 4:00pm7:00pm
THU 15TH JUL 11:10am3:15pm6:15pm
FRI 16TH JUL 11:10am3:15pm6:15pm
SAT 17TH JUL 11:10am3:15pm6:15pm
SUN 18TH JUL 11:10am3:15pm6:15pm
MON 19TH JUL 11:10am3:15pm6:15pm
TUE 20TH JUL 11:10am3:15pm6:15pm
WED 21ST JUL 3:15pm6:15pm


Moonbound (PG)


THU 15TH JUL 11:00am
FRI 16TH JUL 11:00am
SAT 17TH JUL 11:00am
SUN 18TH JUL 11:00am
MON 19TH JUL 11:00am
TUE 20TH JUL 11:00am
WED 21ST JUL 11:00am


Nine Days (M)


THU 15TH JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm
FRI 16TH JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm
SAT 17TH JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm
SUN 18TH JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm
MON 19TH JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm
TUE 20TH JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm
WED 21ST JUL 1:00pm4:30pm6:30pm


Perfumes (M)


WED 14TH JUL 4:00pm6:15pm
THU 15TH JUL 4:00pm
FRI 16TH JUL 4:00pm
SAT 17TH JUL 4:00pm
SUN 18TH JUL 4:00pm
MON 19TH JUL 4:00pm
TUE 20TH JUL 4:00pm
WED 21ST JUL 4:00pm


Rosa’s Wedding (M)


FRI 16TH JUL 10:50am [SNEAK]
SAT 17TH JUL 10:50am [SNEAK]
SUN 18TH JUL 10:50am [SNEAK]


SCA21 Agnes Joy (18+)


MON 19TH JUL 2:15pm


SCA21 Any Day Now (18+)


SUN 18TH JUL 5:30pm


SCA21 Call Mum! (18+)


TUE 20TH JUL 7:00pm


SCA21 Games People Play (18+)


SAT 17TH JUL 1:00pm
WED 21ST JUL 4:00pm


SCA21 Grandma Hofi (18+)


SAT 17TH JUL 10:45am
WED 21ST JUL 11:30am


SCA21 Hope (18+)


MON 19TH JUL 7:00pm


SCA21 The County (M)


SAT 17TH JUL 6:00pm
MON 19TH JUL 4:40pm


SCA21 The Exception (18+)


SAT 17TH JUL 3:30pm


SCA21 The Garden (18+)


SAT 17TH JUL 8:10pm


SCA21 The Last Fishing Trip (18+)


SUN 18TH JUL 10:30am
MON 19TH JUL 12:00pm


SCA21 Tigers (M)


SUN 18TH JUL 12:40pm
TUE 20TH JUL 12:00pm


SCA21 Tove (18+)


TUE 20TH JUL 2:30pm


SCA21 Wildland (MA15+)


SUN 18TH JUL 3:20pm
TUE 20TH JUL 4:50pm
WED 21ST JUL 1:45pm


Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG)


WED 14TH JUL 4:00pm6:30pm
THU 15TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm
FRI 16TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm
SAT 17TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm
SUN 18TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm
MON 19TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm
TUE 20TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm
WED 21ST JUL 10:50am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm


Spirit Untamed (G)


THU 15TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm
FRI 16TH JUL 10:50am1:30pm
SAT 17TH JUL 10:50am
SUN 18TH JUL 10:50am
MON 19TH JUL 10:50am
TUE 20TH JUL 10:50am
WED 21ST JUL 10:50am


The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (MA15+)


WED 14TH JUL 4:20pm7:00pm
THU 15TH JUL 4:15pm6:15pm
FRI 16TH JUL 4:15pm
SAT 17TH JUL 4:15pm6:15pm
SUN 18TH JUL 4:15pm6:15pm
MON 19TH JUL 4:15pm6:15pm
TUE 20TH JUL 4:15pm6:15pm
WED 21ST JUL 4:15pm