Byron Bay – The Van Picnic Story (as told by student Jonatas De Moraes) – 4 August 20

On Friday, our Upper Intermediate class went on an excursion. Here’s an account of the morning written  by Jonatas, one of the students, (with a little help and correction from his teacher).

In my opinion, the best way to become a natural speaker is by living a real experience, if possible, packed full of emotion and fun! This Friday we had a real life experience when we went shopping at the Farmers Market in Mullumbimby and at the supermarket as well, because we were going to cook several meals including our famous Brazilian dessert brigadeiro…

The Farmer’s market was amazing – definitely the best one around. There were lots of interesting people ‘real life hippies’, live music and a famous local called ‘Cool’ a 60 year old guy who stands at the entrance hula hopping, wearing rainbow clothes, holding plastic pineapples and loudly singing and greeting everyone who enters, wishing them a wonderful day! Only in Byron Bay! (or Mullumbimby!)

After shopping we drove back to Byron Bay to a famous resort called Elements where we found a nice place on the grass by the river and near the beach. and got cooking. Using the kitchens in our vans we made an amazing Spanish dish called gazpacho, a sort of cold soup, made with tomato, cucumber, capsicum and garlic. Everything is blended with salt – it was delicious. In addition, we cooked a rice salad poke: Rice, tuna, tomato, garlic, corn, garlic and yacon or “Earth Apple”, which is a peculiar vegetable usually from South and Central America that the teacher Elizabeth got the day before from a friend who just happened to be digging it up in his garden when she was visiting.

The cooking salt did run out, but we ended up using an amazing using seasoning, so it turned out well. We talked the whole time while we were cooking, or cutting the vegetables… and all of us learnt each step. Ah! And to let you guys know, I was the head chef of the brigadeiros! They’re so simple to cook: melted butter in a pot, then mix, without stopping, sweetened condensed milk and drinking chocolate, however in this case the drinking chocolate was the famous Australian Milo! Brigadeiros Aussie style. Then we spread out some picnic rugs and had a wonderful feast! It was such a great day, sharing food, culture and the whole time talking in English. 

By Jonatas Moraes (with help from his teacher)

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