Byron Bay – Superchef Mystery Box Challenge – 29 January 2021

Each week at Lexis Byron Bay, we organise an activity where all the students can come together and mix doing a fun task that allows them to practise their English in a more informal setting.

This week it was the turn of our teacher, Michelle, to organise the activity and she set a mystery box challenge.

On the table, she set a random set of ingredients, from cookies to food colouring to peanut butter. Then she gave the following instructions:

It’s the middle of the long weekend and you are camping in the middle of Australia with a group of Lexis friends. You’ve stupidly eaten most of your food except what’s left on the table. Make something to feed the group and don’t forget to make some as a bribe for your teacher to not do the test on Monday 🙂

Montage 1

We have a couple of chefs in the school, Juan and Emilio, so each of these headed the teams and they set to work to create the tastiest snack. Juan’s team made some brightly coloured bliss balls that they creatively named Bloody Red Balls. Meanwhile, Emilio’s team were winging it a bit more but created a few things including a biscuity, oaty base and a peanut butter mousse, which all came together at the end.

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Capture3 E1611888156835



Both teams did a great job with presentation, see the final pictures below. However, in the end, our discerning judges Kathleen and Elizabeth voted the peanut muesli mousse creation of Emilio’s team the winner.

Bloody Red Balls Muesli Mousse


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