Byron Bay- An incredible Saturday adventure! – 14 October

On Saturday 14 October, students embarked on a full day adventure to Yuraygir National Park, one of the most diverse bioregions in Australia.

National Park Trip!

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The trips itinerary included, seeing wild kangaroos in Yuraygir National Park and the stunning coastal formations at Red Cliff and an incredible Sound healing. The journey from Byron Bay to Yuraygir is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, however our trip was longer as it included important pitstops along the way. First, students stopped in at Yuragir national park to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most famous locals. Kangaroos!

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Img 0237 ScaledYuraygir National Park comprises coastal landforms, rainforest, forest, woodland and wetlands. It has strong spiritual significance to the Aboriginal community. The Yaegl and Gumbaynggirr aboriginal peoples lived off the land and would hold ceremonies in the area. The park’s wildlife includes wild kangaroos, emus (an endangered species with less than 100 left in the park), white-bellied sea eagles, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, and many other rare and threatened species.Adventure

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To finish off their wonderful day, our friends at Conscious Tours delighted students with a Sound Healing. Sound healing, also known as Sound Baths, use different vibrations to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Sound healing can reduce tension, fatigue, anxiety and anger. Our students were lucky enough to have this sound healing in Nature of one of Australia’s most special National Parks.Img 0269 Scaled

It was a spectacular and relaxing day for our students!



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