Byron Bay – Meet our New Starters – 7 June 2022

This week we had three new starters; Gracielle and Karine from Brazil and Aya from Japan.

June 6 New Starters At Lexis Byron Bay; Nicole, Aya, Gracielle And Karine.
From left to right: Nicole (our new Student Services Coordinator), Aya, Gracielle and Karine.



Gracielle first booked to come to Lexis Byron Bay in 2020 but COVID put a stop to her plans. She told me that she grew up in a town in Brazil where there were no beaches. Thus, her goal was always to live near the sea. For the last few years, she has been living and working (as an astrologer) in Florianopolis. Here, she heard that Australia was similar to Brazil in terms of beaches and culture. Gracielle is here to improve her English, particularly her grammar and vocabulary and hopes to be able to converse much more easily with the tourists on Florianopolis on her return. She tested at Elementary overall, although her speaking is much stronger.


Karine also from Brazil, also tested at Elementary and, bizarrely, is also an astrologer. She also works with in her parents’ construction materials business. She said that she hasn’t studied English since school so is finding it all difficult so far,  but especially speaking. Karine is studying at Lexis Byron Bay until December, though, so I am sure she will be much much more confident in her English abilities by then.


It’s Aya‘s second visit to Australia. She visited Cairns about 6 years ago. She has a strong interest in other cultures and people so wants to improve her English to make it easy for her to talk to people from all over the world. Like Karine, Aya works with her parents, who have a vineyard. Once she returns she is looking forward to being able to chat with the tourists who come to visit. Aya tested at Pre-Intermediate overall. She uses some beautifully accurate grammar when speaking but still finds conversations very difficult as she needs a long time to think.

A huge welcome to all three of you. We hope you really enjoy your time at Lexis Byron Bay.


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