Byron Bay – It’s the Weekend! What’s on? – 30 July 20


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The Monthly Sunday Markets are reopening, starting this week. See below for more details.



Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market (Mullumbimby Showgrounds) – every Friday (7am – 11am)

Bangalow Farmers Market (Bangalow Hotel Carpark, 1 Byron St, Bangalow) – every Saturday (8am – 11am)


Gig Guide

4 4Animal Ventura @ Beach Hotel

Gig Guide




FFF20 A Friendly Tale (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 1:30pm

MON 3RD AUG 4:15pm


FFF20 Alice and The Mayor (CTC)

THU 30TH JUL 4:30pm


FFF20 Edmond (M)

SAT 1ST AUG 7:00pm

SUN 2ND AUG 10:15am


FFF20 Farewell to the Night (M)

SUN 2ND AUG 7:30pm


FFF20 How To Be A Good Wife (M)

THU 30TH JUL 6:30pm

FRI 31ST JUL 10:45am

SAT 1ST AUG 6:30pm

SUN 2ND AUG 1:00pm3:30pm

TUE 4TH AUG 12:45pm


FFF20 In the Name of the Land (M)

FRI 31ST JUL 7:30pm

SUN 2ND AUG 6:30pm

MON 3RD AUG 11:00am


FFF20 La Belle Époque (M)

THU 30TH JUL 7:00pm

FRI 31ST JUL 1:00pm

SUN 2ND AUG 1:30pm


FFF20 Les Misérables (MA15+)

FRI 31ST JUL 1:40pm

SUN 2ND AUG 10:45am

TUE 4TH AUG 1:30pm


FFF20 My Days Of Glory (M)

FRI 31ST JUL 4:00pm


FFF20 Of Love And Lies (PG)

FRI 31ST JUL 10:15am


FFF20 Oh Mercy! (M)

MON 3RD AUG 2:00pm


FFF20 Only the Animals (M)

SAT 1ST AUG 1:45pm


FFF20 Proxima (M)

FRI 31ST JUL 4:30pm


FFF20 Room 212 (MA15+)

THU 30TH JUL 10:15am

SAT 1ST AUG 4:45pm

MON 3RD AUG 6:30pm


FFF20 Roxane (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 1:00pm

SAT 1ST AUG 1:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 10:15am


FFF20 School Life (M)

SAT 1ST AUG 4:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 10:40am


FFF20 Spread Your Wings (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 7:30pm

SUN 2ND AUG 4:30pm

MON 3RD AUG 1:15pm


FFF20 The Bare Necessity (MA15+)

TUE 4TH AUG 7:00pm


FFF20 The Extraordinary (M)

FRI 31ST JUL 7:00pm

MON 3RD AUG 7:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 4:15pm


FFF20 The Mystery of Henri Pick (M)

SAT 1ST AUG 7:30pm


FFF20 The Swallows of Kabul (M)

MON 3RD AUG 5:00pm


FFF20 The Translators (M)

THU 30TH JUL 10:45am

FRI 31ST JUL 6:30pm

SAT 1ST AUG 10:45am3:30pm

SUN 2ND AUG 4:00pm

MON 3RD AUG 10:30am


FFF20 Two Of Us (M)

SAT 1ST AUG 10:15am

MON 3RD AUG 7:30pm


FFF20 We’ll End Up Together (M)

THU 30TH JUL 3:30pm

SUN 2ND AUG 7:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 3:30pm


23 Walks (M)

THU 30TH JUL 11:15am1:30pm7:10pm

FRI 31ST JUL 11:15am1:30pm

SAT 1ST AUG 11:15am1:00pm7:10pm

SUN 2ND AUG 11:15am1:00pm7:10pm

MON 3RD AUG 11:15am1:30pm

TUE 4TH AUG 11:15am1:30pm7:10pm

WED 5TH AUG 11:15am1:30pm7:10pm


A White, White Day (M)

THU 30TH JUL 4:00pm

FRI 31ST JUL 4:00pm

SAT 1ST AUG 10:30am

SUN 2ND AUG 10:30am

MON 3RD AUG 4:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 7:00pm

WED 5TH AUG 4:00pm7:00pm


Dark Waters (M)

THU 30TH JUL 10:40am

FRI 31ST JUL 10:40am

SAT 1ST AUG 10:40am

SUN 2ND AUG 10:40am

MON 3RD AUG 10:40am

TUE 4TH AUG 10:40am

WED 5TH AUG 10:40am6:50pm


Deerskin (MA15+)

FRI 31ST JUL 2:00pm [SNEAK]

SAT 1ST AUG 2:00pm [SNEAK]

SUN 2ND AUG 2:00pm [SNEAK]


House of Cardin (G)

THU 30TH JUL 10:30am

FRI 31ST JUL 10:30am

SAT 1ST AUG 10:30am

SUN 2ND AUG 10:30am

MON 3RD AUG 10:30am

TUE 4TH AUG 10:30am

WED 5TH AUG 10:30am


Love Sarah (M)

THU 30TH JUL 11:00am

FRI 31ST JUL 11:00am

MON 3RD AUG 11:00am

TUE 4TH AUG 11:00am

WED 5TH AUG 1:45pm4:30pm


Palace Encore: Cats (G)


Palace Encore: Goodfellas (R18+)



Red Shoes & the Seven Dwarfs (G)

THU 30TH JUL 10:15am

FRI 31ST JUL 10:15am

SAT 1ST AUG 10:15am

SUN 2ND AUG 10:15am

MON 3RD AUG 10:15am

TUE 4TH AUG 10:15am

WED 5TH AUG 10:15am


Romantic Road (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 10:15am

FRI 31ST JUL 10:15am

SAT 1ST AUG 10:15am

SUN 2ND AUG 10:15am

MON 3RD AUG 10:15am

TUE 4TH AUG 10:15am

WED 5TH AUG 10:15am4:50pm


Shirley (M)

THU 30TH JUL 2:00pm

MON 3RD AUG 2:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 2:00pm

WED 5TH AUG 2:00pm


Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 12:30pm

FRI 31ST JUL 12:30pm

SAT 1ST AUG 12:30pm

SUN 2ND AUG 12:30pm

MON 3RD AUG 12:30pm

TUE 4TH AUG 12:30pm

WED 5TH AUG 12:30pm


The Burnt Orange Heresy (MA15+)

THU 30TH JUL 11:30am4:40pm7:00pm

FRI 31ST JUL 11:30am4:40pm7:00pm

SAT 1ST AUG 11:30am4:40pm7:00pm

SUN 2ND AUG 11:30am4:40pm7:00pm

MON 3RD AUG 11:30am4:40pm7:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 11:30am4:40pm7:00pm

WED 5TH AUG 11:30am2:00pm4:40pm7:00pm


The King of Staten Island (MA15+)

THU 30TH JUL 12:45pm3:45pm6:50pm

FRI 31ST JUL 12:45pm3:45pm6:50pm

SAT 1ST AUG 12:45pm3:45pm6:50pm

SUN 2ND AUG 12:45pm3:45pm6:50pm

MON 3RD AUG 12:45pm3:45pm6:50pm

TUE 4TH AUG 12:45pm3:45pm6:50pm

WED 5TH AUG 11:00am [BABES IN ARMS]1:30pm3:45pm6:50pm


The Personal History of David Copperfield (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 1:40pm4:15pm

FRI 31ST JUL 1:40pm4:15pm

SAT 1ST AUG 1:40pm4:15pm

SUN 2ND AUG 1:40pm4:15pm

MON 3RD AUG 1:40pm4:15pm

TUE 4TH AUG 1:40pm4:15pm6:50pm

WED 5TH AUG 1:40pm4:15pm7:00pm


The Secret: Dare to Dream (PG)

THU 30TH JUL 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

FRI 31ST JUL 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

SAT 1ST AUG 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

SUN 2ND AUG 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

MON 3RD AUG 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

TUE 4TH AUG 2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

WED 5TH AUG 11:00am2:10pm4:30pm7:00pm


The Vigil (MA15+)

THU 30TH JUL 12:10pm

FRI 31ST JUL 12:10pm

SAT 1ST AUG 12:10pm

SUN 2ND AUG 12:10pm

MON 3RD AUG 12:10pm

TUE 4TH AUG 12:10pm

WED 5TH AUG 12:10pm


Unhinged (MA15+)

THU 30TH JUL 2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm

FRI 31ST JUL 2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm

SAT 1ST AUG 2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm

SUN 2ND AUG 2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm

MON 3RD AUG 2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm

TUE 4TH AUG 2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm

WED 5TH AUG 11:30am2:50pm5:00pm7:15pm


Where’d You Go, Bernadette (M)

THU 30TH JUL 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm

FRI 31ST JUL 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm

SAT 1ST AUG 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm

SUN 2ND AUG 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm

MON 3RD AUG 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm

TUE 4TH AUG 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm

WED 5TH AUG 1:45pm4:15pm6:45pm


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