Byron Bay – Graduation: Max – 16 October 20

Today we say farewell to Max!  He has been here since February this year, and we have grown very fond of him.  He’s never shy to give an answer or have a go, and he brings a sense of playfulness and enjoyment to class. We just love him.  He speaks English outside of class, so this has helped him enormously to get by in class.  Consequently, his speaking and listening have improved a lot.

Did you know he’s very passionate about wine…so passionate that he even owns a cave in Switzerland with his father?  As everyone knows, he’s training to be a chef, and what you may not know is that he is following in his father’s footsteps to one day take over the family restaurant.  He gave Adrienne a superb recipe of cooking wine with strawberries and it was delicious.  We wish him the very best with this future, and hope one day to visit his restaurant!

Max graduates today from the FCE (First Certificate) preparation class with teachers Adrienne and Kathleen.


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