Byron Bay – Graduation – 14 August 20

Today we farewell Misaki from Intermediate, Alessandro from Upper Intermediate, and Laura from Advanced.

Misaki, has been a lively, caring, light-hearted and interested student!  We absolutely loved teaching you and so happy with your progress here at Lexis Byron Bay.  Happy birthday for next week, and all the very best for your future – you will be missed, Misa!

Alessandro Farewell

Alessandro, it’s been nice to see you back!  Ale has been to a few Lexis schools in the last while, and we were happy to have him return to us.  He’s always good at asking questions when he needs to know something, and also at listening to feedback.  Thanks for all your contributions and class participation, we really enjoyed your input and what you had to say.


Laura has been with us for 24 weeks and started at Intermediate, graduating today at Advanced.  Laura always puts in a lot of effort in class and participates, questions and debates.  She likes to know the answers to things and studies hard.  Her smile and warmth will be missed!  We wish you the absolute best for your future.


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