Byron Bay- Congratulations wonderful graduates- 9 February 2024

Today we said farewell to 9 wonderful graduates!

Congratulations to Yu, Luisa, Enzo, Diego, Irati, Fumiya, Valentina, Picky and Leidy!

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Yu graduates from our Pre-Intermediate class. Yu is a ray of sunshine who always has a smile on her face. Her understanding of grammar and use of vocabulary has improved a lot. She pushed herself to speak as much as she could, and her change was remarkable. We wish Yu all the best for her future!

Luisa also graduates from our Pre-Intermediate class. During her time at Lexis, she achieved very positive results and has gained so much more confidence in her English skills. She has made some wonderful friends and joined in on many activities. We wish Luisa all the best as she continues her travels of Australia!

Enzo graduates from our Intermediate class. He has been a joy to have at Lexis Byron Bay. He maintained an excellent attitude in class and in general. He made some great friends and memories during his time here, as well as this, his English improved significantly. We wish Enzo all the best on his return to Brazil!

Irati also graduates from our Intermediate class. She has been a hardworking student who moved through Pre-Intermediate into Intermediate during her time here. She has made some amazing friends and connections and has improved across all areas of her English-speaking skills. We wish Irati all the very best on her continued travels!

Diego also graduates from our Intermediate class. His positive energy and insightful questions enriched his classes learning environment greatly. His dedication and effort have led to outstanding results at the Intermediate level. He also created some wonderful friendships and unforgettable memories. We wish him all the best for his future!

Fumiya also graduates from our Pre-Intermediate class. He worked hard and had fun during his time at Lexis. His use of vocabulary has improved a lot during his short time with us. He also joined many activities. We wish him all the best on his continued travels!

Valentina graduates from our Cambridge Class. Her command of the English language is excellent and across all skill areas she has shown herself to be quite competent. She has made such a valuable contribution to the lessons and her willingness to participate in all activities has been wonderful. We wish her all the best for her future!

Maria (Picky) graduates from our FCE class. Her enthusiasm for learning was wonderful, as well as this her English has improved significantly during her time at Lexis Byron Bay. She moved through three class levels and made some great connections. We wish her all the best for her future!

Leidy graduates from our IELTS class. She was a wonderful student who studied hard, joined in with activities and you took great responsibility for her learning. Her English has also improved a lot, in particular her fluency. We wish her all the very best for her future!


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