Brisbane – A Warm Welcome to Our New Students! – 1st July 2024

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest cohort of students at Lexis Brisbane! Today, we had the pleasure of greeting 15 new students who will be studying General English:

Jia-Xuan, Chia-Yu, Wei-Fan, Yen-hsun and Hong-xin from Taiwan, Adrien from Switzerland, Minjoo from South Korea, Jurino, Ayaka Momo, Takako, Yuki, Ren, Rintaro, Eriko and Yui from Japan, Naisha from Italy, and Ingrid Carolina from Colombia.


Lexis Brisbane is excited to host those enthusiastic individuals from diverse corners of the globe.

These students have embarked on significant journeys to join our vibrant community, and their presence here fills us with excitement and pride. Their adventure at Lexis Brisbane began with an orientation session, where they were introduced to the campus and the various resources available to them. After that, they also took an initial test to assess their English proficiency, ensuring they were placed in the classes best suited to their current levels.

After the formalities, our new students were given a tour of the campus and a ‘Walk and Talk’ around Brisbane City. This activity allowed them to get acquainted with their new surroundings, share stories about their home countries, and start forming bonds with fellow students and staff. It was a day filled with laughter, learning, and the beginning of many new friendships.

This week marks the start of their academic journey with us, and we are committed to supporting them every step of the way. At Lexis Brisbane, we take pride in fostering an environment where students can thrive both academically and personally. We are eager to see the unique contributions each student will bring to our community and how they will enrich our campus life with their diverse perspectives and experiences.

Our new students can look forward to a variety of free workshops designed to enhance their learning experience. These daily sessions, led by our dedicated teachers, cover a range of topics and provide practical tips to help students succeed. Some of the workshops include:

Coffee and Conversation Club: A casual setting to practice speaking English and make new friends.

Guided Individual Learning: Personalized support tailored to each student’s needs.

English Exam Workshop: Preparation strategies for various English proficiency tests.

Grammar Workshop: In-depth sessions to improve grammatical accuracy.

Job Workshop: Practical advice and assistance for finding part-time work.

To keep the experience dynamic and enjoyable, we also offer a variety of fun and engaging activities every week. These include yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, painting, and much more. We encourage all students to take part in these activities to relax, explore their creativity, and build a sense of community. Click here to see our weekly calendar.

At Lexis Brisbane, every day presents a new opportunity for adventure and growth. Our students are encouraged to immerse themselves fully in both their studies and the vibrant life that Brisbane has to offer. We believe that these experiences will not only enhance their English skills but also create unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships.

Once again, a warm welcome to our new students. We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to witnessing your progress and celebrating your achievements. Here’s to an incredible journey ahead at Lexis Brisbane!

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