Vagabond Plays Guitar

Playing cards with a bunch of Canadian strangers at Koala’s was how I found myself spending time before familiar faces from GV rocked up to party.

Not ony did they kick my butt every deal, the Canadian boys confessed their hidden talent of musical flair.  I thought to myself, if they played guitar anything like the way they played cards then they must be good!  So, I invited the boys to share their music with us at GV.

The next morning Brian showed up on his own.  I took one guess at why the other two lads, Ryan and Nick weren’t there – Koalas!  Hangover!  So Brian turned out to be the most courageous after all.

Brian wooed the women with his heartfelt tunes and happy traveller appearance. His mesmerizing voice could have had us sitting there for hours.  When I asked Brian to play a really sad song he pulled out old Blues number ‘My girl’.  You may remember a Kurt Cobain version?  Anyway, Brians version was just as good sending shivers all down my body.

Thank you for your entertainment Brian!  Happy travels around OZ!

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