Noosa – Adventurous and Beautiful Boat Cruise – 24th November

A Perfect Friday Afternoon: 20 Lexis English Students Embark on a Noosa River Boat Adventure!

Friday afternoons hold a special place in the hearts of many, marking the end of a hectic week and the anticipation of a relaxing weekend. For 20 enthusiastic Lexis English students, this particular Friday offered a unique and unforgettable experience – a 2.5-hour pontoon boat adventure on the picturesque Noosa River, courtesy of Pelican Boat Hire Noosa.

Hiring a pontoon boat is perfect for accommodating large groups of people for social events, parties, celebrations, or even for a memorable day out with family and friends. There are many companies to hire these boats from in Noosa that range in size from 6 people to 21 people. We had a group of 21, so we hired from Pelican Boat Hire which has the biggest and most equipped hire pontoon on all of Noosa River.

The boat featured 21 seats, a gas BBQ, Bluetooth stereo, an onboard toilet, fishing gear, and a 40-hp motor.

Boat17Noosa, with its pristine beaches and stunning waterways, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. As the Lexis English students gathered at Pelican Boat Hire, excitement bubbled in the air. The sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm golden glow over the river, setting the stage for an idyllic afternoon on the water.

The pontoon boat provided the perfect setting for the students to strengthen their friendships and practice their English skills in a relaxed environment. Conversations flowed freely as they exchanged stories and experiences against the backdrop of Noosa’s natural beauty. For many, it was a unique opportunity to practice language skills in a real-world setting, far removed from the classroom.

To enhance our journey further, we treated ourselves to delicious pizzas on board the boat, complemented by refreshing cold beers during our Friday afternoon!

Boat Boat1 Boat2 Boat5 Boat6 Boat7 Boat8 Boat9After cruising through the Noosa canals, awe-struck by the waterfront houses, we pulled the boat up in a beautiful swimming area, and the students wasted no time diving into the refreshing water. Laughter echoed as they swam and splashed, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Some chose to hang on the boat’s deck, taking in the stunning views and enjoying the tranquility of the moment.

Boat10Boat12 Boat13 Boat15 Boat16

The two hours on the pontoon boat along Noosa River were more than a leisurely escape; they were a celebration of friendship, language learning, and the beauty of the Australian landscape. As the Lexis English students disembarked with smiles that mirrored the sunset’s warmth, they carried with them not just memories of a Friday afternoon well spent but a shared experience that transcended language and cultural boundaries. The pontoon boat adventure had become a chapter in their collective journey, a story to be retold with fondness and camaraderie in the weeks and months to come.

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