A Record Cambridge Start For Noosa

On Monday we welcomed 107 new students to our Cambridge classes with a BBQ at Noosa Woods.

The students had a busy morning being tested in all skill areas including an interview with a Cambridge teacher to discuss study goals before joining an FCE, CAE or CPE class.

The Students represent 11 different nationalities with the majority being European. The BBQ was a chance to get together and meet each other over a cold beer in traditional Australian style.

Although the course is intense  and the students will have to study hard, there will also be plenty of time to have fun. Every Monday there is karaoke and a free BBQ at the Irish Pub. On Thursday nights there is a student party at the Koala Bar and  everyone is encouraged to join the school soccer and basketball teams. (Yes, ladies that includes you too, in fact the soccer coach, Alisa is one of our CAE teachers). 

Weekend trips to Fraser Island, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay are already being planned. We wish all the students a fantastic twelve weeks; it is great to have you all here in sunny Noosa.

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