Sydney – What’s On at Lexis Manly? 5 ways to find out!

Lexis Manly (Sydney) will have another huge intake of students next week.

Because of the big student intake, we thought we’d focus in on one of the questions top of mind for all students (existing and new) – What’s On at Lexis Manly?

What kind of activities can students expect?

All students (whether enrolled for day or evening classes) can join the following regular weekly workshops and activities. These events take place between 1.15pm – 2.15pm, and 5.30pm – 6.30pm Monday – Friday:

  • A guided Walk and Talk tour of Manly. This is a good one for new starters on their first day
  • GIL workshop (Guided Individual Learning) – Mondays
  • A meditation workshop – Tuesdays
  • Job Workshop – Tuesdays
  • Grammar Workshop – Wednesdays
  • Accommodation workshop – Wednesdays
  • Conversation Club – Thursdays
  • Beach Sports – Fridays

Special workshops like Singlish! are scheduled periodically. Singlish! gives students a chance to grab the microphone and learn English via karaoke – lots of fun!

Every 4 weeks, teachers will also take their students on a class excursion. This will happen after the Friday test. You might be taken somewhere near the school or into the city. These excursions provide fun and informal learning opportunities linked to student course work. Sometimes you’ll go out as a class – sometimes as a group of classes. Other events have included, the Manly Jazz Festival. 

What else?

The school also arranges and promotes special events like the Lexis’s Got Talent Show last week. Watch this fun video created by student Tomoya Itoda to see what that was like.

Other events have included a Halloween Party at the college, Melbourne Cup and Nup to the Cup events,  a Teachers Talent Show (more scary than Halloween!). But that’s not all – the teachers are already scheming up some more good times. So, how do you find out What’s On at Lexis Manly?

5 ways to find out about Lexis Manly activities

Students have five ways to find out about Lexis Manly activities:

  1. Check the Sign Up! sheet and QR codes at Reception and in the Student Lounge.
  2. Look at the TV screen in Reception
  3. Scan any of the What’s On posters on the student notice boards. There’s a notice board in the Student Lounge (Level 2) and in every classroom.
  4. Check the Lexis Sydney blog every week.
  5. Ask your teacher or the staff at Reception.

Lexis Sydney - What'S On Sign Up Sheet At ReceptionLexis Sydney Whats On Poster

How to access photographs taken at activities?

Photographs taken at activities by students and staff often feature on the Lexis Sydney blog. Students can download photographs from there and from the student computers in the Student Lounge – look for the folder SCHOOL PHOTOS. We hope to see you soon!

A Large Group Of Students At Lexis Sydney Wave For The Camera

Best wishes from Lexis Sydney!

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