Welcome to the Weekend! December 6th – 8th







Byron Flea Market – 2nd Saturday of the month

Byron Artisan Market – every Saturday

Byron Farmers Market  – every Thursday (8am – 11am)

Bangalow Farmers Market – every Saturday (8am – 11am)

Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market  – every Friday (7am – 11am)



Marshall & The Fro @ Railway Hotel
 Visas, Beddy Rays, Baby, Dyer Maker @ Hotel Great Northern
 5:00pm Leigh James @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Luke Yeaman @ Targa
 6:00pm Byron Ballet Open Day Concert 2019 presented by Byron Ballet @ Byron Theatre
 7:00pm Oka @ Byron Bay Brewery
 7:30pm Timbuktu @ Treehouse
 8:00pm Dan Hannaford – Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
 9:00pm The Superlove @ Beach Hotel
 El Scorcho @ Railway Hotel
 Death by Denim @ Hotel Great Northern
 10:00am Celebrate 20 presented by Dance Dynamics @ Byron Theatre
 2:00pm Sabotage Fiesta X Future Faktori @ Byron Bay Brewery
 4:00pm Celebrate 20 presented by Dance Dynamics @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
 7:30pm Paulina Viroga @ Treehouse
 8:00pm James Scott – Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
 9:00pm DJ Easy P @ Beach Hotel
 Ben Walsh @ Hotel Great Northern
 Honey Stone @ Railway Hotel
 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Jezza J & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse
 4:00pm Celebrate 20 presented by Dance Dynamics @ Byron Theatre
 4:00pm Sky High 3.0 @ Byron Bay Brewery
 4:30pm Late For Woodstock @ Beach Hotel
 7:30pm Live DJs @ Beach Hotel


Big Aussie BBQ + Paddle Boarding

$265 + $35 levy


21 Bridges (MA15+)

FRI 6TH DEC 10:45am
SAT 7TH DEC 10:45am
SUN 8TH DEC 10:10am

Blinded By The Light (PG)

FRI 6TH DEC 2:00pm
SAT 7TH DEC 8:30pm
SUN 8TH DEC 7:30pm

Charlie’s Angels (M)

FRI 6TH DEC 3:50pm
SAT 7TH DEC 3:50pm8:30pm
SUN 8TH DEC 2:30pm7:10pm

Fisherman’s Friends (M)

FRI 6TH DEC 1:15pm6:20pm
SAT 7TH DEC 1:15pm
SUN 8TH DEC 12:40pm

Ford v. Ferrari (M)

FRI 6TH DEC 11:00am1:10pm6:30pm8:30pm
SAT 7TH DEC 11:00am1:10pm6:30pm
SUN 8TH DEC 1:10pm6:30pm

Frozen 2 (PG)

FRI 6TH DEC 10:00am11:00am12:15pm2:30pm4:10pm6:20pm8:30pm
SAT 7TH DEC 10:00am11:00am12:15pm2:30pm4:10pm6:20pm8:30pm
SUN 8TH DEC 10:00am11:00am12:15pm2:30pm4:10pm6:20pm

Happy Sad Man (M)

FRI 6TH DEC 4:40pm
SAT 7TH DEC 4:40pm
SUN 8TH DEC 4:40pm

Joker (MA15+)

FRI 6TH DEC 3:45pm6:15pm
SAT 7TH DEC 6:15pm
SUN 8TH DEC 5:40pm

Judy (M)

FRI 6TH DEC 1:15pm
SAT 7TH DEC 1:15pm
SUN 8TH DEC 12:15pm

Judy & Punch (MA15+)

FRI 6TH DEC 8:40pm
SAT 7TH DEC 11:00am
SUN 8TH DEC 10:00am

Knives Out (M)

FRI 6TH DEC 10:30am3:40pm6:45pm8:45pm
SAT 7TH DEC 10:30am3:40pm6:45pm8:45pm
SUN 8TH DEC 10:00am3:00pm6:45pm8:10pm

Last Christmas (PG)

FRI 6TH DEC 1:30pm6:20pm
SAT 7TH DEC 1:30pm6:20pm
SUN 8TH DEC 12:15pm5:00pm

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (PG)

FRI 6TH DEC 10:45am
SAT 7TH DEC 2:00pm
SUN 8TH DEC 10:45am

Mrs Lowry & Son (PG)

FRI 6TH DEC 11:00am4:00pm4:30pm
SAT 7TH DEC 4:00pm4:30pm
SUN 8TH DEC 4:00pm4:30pm

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (MA15+)

FRI 6TH DEC 8:00pm
SAT 7TH DEC 8:00pm
SUN 8TH DEC 8:00pm

Pain and Glory (MA15+)

FRI 6TH DEC 3:45pm6:15pm
SAT 7TH DEC 3:45pm6:15pm
SUN 8TH DEC 2:50pm5:10pm

The Addams Family (PG)

FRI 6TH DEC 10:00am12:00pm2:00pm6:00pm
SAT 7TH DEC 10:00am12:00pm2:00pm6:00pm
SUN 8TH DEC 10:00am12:00pm2:00pm6:00pm

The Good Liar (MA15+)

FRI 6TH DEC 10:30am1:00pm3:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SAT 7TH DEC 10:30am1:00pm3:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SUN 8TH DEC 10:00am12:30pm5:15pm7:30pm



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