We say thank you to Kimpo and Kimpo says thank you too


Pictures from top left: Girls using icypole sticks to eat noodles for breakfast. Dion, the lifeguard explains where to swim. Students check out a jetski. The view from the lifeguards’ tower. Group photo with Dion. Students preparing Thank You Cards

Despite a rather wet day today we did manage to visit the lifeguards at Kings Beach, Caloundra. We were given an informative presentation by Dion the resident lifeguard, got to check the rescue equipment and visit the lifeguard tower that overlooks the beach.

Some students chose to do some shopping after our beach trip that while others came back to the college to start on their Thank You cards to present to their homestay parents. Many of the Kimpo students also gave their Aussie teachers some gifts to remember them by. 

On behalf of Global Village Caloundra and the teachers and Jeremy and Ian, I would like to thank each of the students and especially Mr. Heo for making this a wonderful tour. I hope we see more Kimpo students and teachers in the future. Thanks also to Clark from GO4U, Brisbane.

Thanks also to our regular international students for welcoming the Kimpo students into their classes and for being such good “big sisters and brothers” to these very enthusiatic youn students.

Andy Tuttle       Academic Director     Global Village Caloundra

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