Volunteers Needed for Ripe Festival

Would you like to attend the Noosa RIPE Festival?  Read on to find out how.

Ripe 2010

Volunteer for four hours and receive free entry and transportation to the Ripe Festival.

The two types of  volunteer roles are  wrist banders and event runners. The following is brief position description for each role:


These volunteers will be part of the entry point team. They will be allocated to an entry lane and will apply entry wristbands as instructed and particular to the lane they are working in.

This is position may also call for some logistical help in set  up /pack down of the area if required. This is low-level impact role with minimal physical exertion or lifting required.


These volunteers will aid the site/event office management team in the final prep and running of site artist logistics. It will entail things like , order allocations, meal distribution, event administration and any other support roles that the event team requires. This role has a medium impact level where physical, manual labour and lifting work may be encompassed.


The following inclusions will be made available to each volunteers that are part of the event:

  • Free Entry to Event
  • 1 Meal Voucher Per Shift
  • Water as required during the shift
  • Personal Protection Equipment – if required
  • Sun Block as required
  • Transport – Event day travel for Free on event shuttle busses only


The event as part of utilizing volunteers have the following expectations:

  • All volunteers are over the age of 18
  • All site event rules to be adhered to
  • Volunteers are to hand in their accreditation after their shift…in the case of AAA
  • No consumption of alcohol during shift period
  • Carrying of drugs and contraband will be reported to police
  • Volunteers are subject to security and bag checks
  • There is to be no property of the event taken out of the event site unless authorized.
  • All volunteers are expected to complete their shift in full to gain the full entitlements
  • Report to and follow the instructions of the allocated area supervisor..mainly the Asst Site Manager.
  • All volunteers to wear covered shoes and clothing
  • All volunteers to use supplied Personal Protection Equipment when required.


All volunteers will be given a particular accreditation band, it will be advised closer to the event date.

  • BUMP IN DAYS (Wed 25th May – Fri 28th May)

All volunteers to go to the Site Production Entry via Fellowship Drive and Charles Sturt Memorial Drive. Accreditation will be picked up here before entry to the site. Your onsite contact will be Matt Simms – Asst Site Manager. The guard at the production gate will radio through to Matt who will collect volunteers.

  • EVENT DAY (Sat 29th May)

Upon arriving to the site, all volunteers are to register at the Box Office. Their accreditation  will be ready for them under their name. Volunteers will be directed to their particular area supervisor for briefing.

Event Contacts for volunteers will be:

Hannah McCann – Event Site Administration

Matt Simms – Asst Site Manager

Both these contacts are to be notified by event radio by the Box Office Staff upon arrival of volunteers.


  • BUMP IN DAYS (Fri 1st May – Sat 2nd May)

Public busses run past Fellowship Drive along Eumundi Noosa Road on weekdays and weekends. I have attached the bus schedule and notes from the local bus coordinator.

  • EVENT DAY (Sun 3rd May)

Volunteers can catch the event shuttle that will run from Noosa Terminal to the event site. This will be free of charge for volunteers where we will supply successful applicants with a pass to utilize these services. The shuttle will run to and from the site as per the following schedule:

INGRESS: 11am-3pm       EGRESS: 7pm-11pm

Services run to and from:

  • Noosa Central Bus Terminal
  • Coolum Surf Club
  • Nambour Train Station


Public Liability Insurance for the volunteers will be covered by the event RIPE Noosa Pty Ltd

Please see Nadia at Activities for more information and application.

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