The first Aussie I ever met…

P13101931How I met Florence, the first aussie I ever met….


I wanted a change of life… So we decided to come here, that is, all my family: my partner and my 3 children.

We added another person, because stories are better if we don’t experience them alone!

So, Tessa, a German girl who is our “au-pair” came along.

I started this project one year before coming here.

First, I found a house we could rent in Golden Beach, then I tried to find schools for my children and myself.

My first phone call in English was to Caloundra Kindergarten.

I was excited and scared because I thought my English wasn’t good enough!

I prepared a lot of questions but I wasn’t able to send them by e-mail because I didn’t find an e-mail address. I just had a phone number but when I called the number I had, a man answered: I was so frightened I started to talk to him in French!

His answer was, “wait, wait, wait, I’ m gonna find Florence.”

After 2 minutes a woman, called Florence, spoke to me in perfect French: “My name is Florence, I’m an Aussie but I was born in France, and my parents are French. How can I help you?” (All in French, of course!)

All my stress was gone! I was happy to find a person who was able to understand me! But my first question was: “I’ve called Australia, are you really in Australia?” “YEP,” was the reply. “I’ m trying to phone Caloundra Kindergarten, do you work there?” “NOPE,” Florence replied, “you actually phoned my house, because the Caloundra Kindergarten phone number is now my phone number! I live in Golden Beach, near Caloundra, if you want, I can help you.”

We exchanged e-mail addresses, but by phone, and because she spelt her e-mail address in English I wasn’t able to send anything!!!!

Later I phoned Florence and got her address again and after that I emailed her a lot; we exchanged photos, ideas and thoughts through out that year!

Florence became my first Aussie friend, and my first Internet friend!

You know, the best is, now she is my neighbour, here in Golden Beach! She lives just 3 streets away!

She gives me a lot of her time and her happiness!

She is always ready to help me.

She is MY FRIEND and I will miss her and her family so much when I go back!



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