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Perth born Tim Bloxsome joined the teaching staff  last year.

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What were you doing before you came to GV Noosa?

Before I came to GV Noosa I was travelling the world. Teaching in Taipei! Paris! Rome! Perth! Before that I was a magazine journalist in Melbourne and Sydney.

What do you love most about living on the Sunshine Coast?

I love the surf. I also love the weather but I really love the surf. Tea Tree Bay on a perfect day is heaven on Earth.

I hear you have published a novel, tell us about it?

I’ve published two novels, one is called LBF, the other is called Woodchopper. LBF is currently being made into a movie in Sydney and I am told that it will be released a t a festival premiere this year, but you should never believe what ‘movie people’ tell you.

What do you think is most important when learning a language?

First and foremost a language student should use the new language as much as they can; speak to strangers, shop assistants, bus drivers….everyone.

What do you always ask your students to do?

I ask my students to speak in full sentences and avoid giving one-word answers. Fluency comes from repeatedly using good sentence structure.

Thanks Tim.

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